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Singleton Artisan, Sullivans Cove, Bowmore 21

Welcome to tasting notes from a monthly private whisky club in Mumbai, India.  Alas as I’m in Jakarta, am missing our May session, so offer instead notes from last month’s session.

Tasting Notes from 17 April 2014

As usual, we blind tasted samples before revealing the whisky. This month featured: Singleton Artisan, Sullivans Cove and Bowmore 21 year. (more…)


The Emma G Days… a tribute to taking a chance!

Once upon a time there was a young lass, who had a crazy notion to run a late night vegetarian café! So she gathered her friends and friends of friends, they pooled their meagre resources, wrangled a Student Business Loan… And voilà!  “Emma G’s Deluxe Eatery” was born 25 years ago!

It was a moment in time. Most of us were around 19 years old, we were fearless of failure, didn’t actually care about making money, just wanted a home for aspiring artists, musicians, writers, students and sundry misfits. (more…)

Bang! Bang! “Phhuulease let me in!”

For nearly a month I’ve been locked out of my WordPress account. The thundering silence was not deliberate.

And while the world blithely carried on without my posts… I’ve been an addict freaking out without my blogging faffery fix!

Quick synopsis of my month: (more…)

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