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Delhi times.. they are a changin!

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I was back in Delhi for a few days and lucky me – a friend ever so kindly offered to let me crash at his place in Safdarjung Development Area.

I was extra excited as this was my old ‘hood’ from Delhi days 2003 – 2005. So when I had a bit of time, decided to take a leisurely stroll.

My feet unerringly went towards one of my favourite walking routes… I started to remember its path… Begin at the delightful Rose Garden then carry on through to Deer Park.

Sometimes you want to just see them grow

Looking forward to growing not cut flowers..

I used to take guests there and they would be surprised by the sheer abundance of wildlife… from deer to wild boar to peacocks and more! Sprinkled in parts you could discover crumbling evidence of the Moghul period.

At times I would walk all the way to Hauz Khas village with all its quirky stores and restaurants against the backdrop of Firoz Shah’s tomb, the water tank, madrassa and masjid.

The area was always such a blissful respite from the city’s aggression. A peaceful oasis of calm in a mad world.

As I turned the corner… looking forward to breathing in a lung-full of fresh garden flower air… the sight I was greeted with was… decidedly NOT what I remembered.

Umm.... this doesn't look like a rose garden?!

Umm…. this doesn’t look like a rose garden?!

Yes… progress has come to SDA in the form of the Delhi metro station. While construction is still underway, have no doubt it will be a blessing to commuters once finished.

Ahh... the Delhi metro cometh

Ahh… the Delhi metro cometh

I guess that lovely little rose garden will just have to live on in memories.

Have you ever returned to an old ‘hood’ and discover it radically transformed?

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  1. It’s interesting how, despite sometimes being individuals who can’t stay in one place at a time and constantly having to try out new places and things, it can still be unsettling when a place that has some essence of home is transformed, varying from our initial experiences with it. It’s good that in this case, the transformation will maintain a positive contribution to the community.

    • It was definitely one of those ‘Ooops!’ moments. My brain / memory had one thing ‘fixed’ but the reality was sooooooo different! However am sure it will be very convenient once the work is done. 🙂

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