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Battling the white screen of death

I’m howling at the universe – I want to write gawdammit not wrestle with technology!!

Blog purgatory... Help!

Blog purgatory… Help!

Alas WordPress is determined to drag me kicking and screaming into technical areas that are beyond my ken!

This white screen of death is perilously close to being the death of this blog…

I would like to share my excitement about recent trips to Tokyo, Shanghai, Manila and Singapore… the wondrous world of opening companies… enjoying Lebaran in Jakarta, returning home to a monsoon Mumbai.

Instead all I get is a white screen….

So am going to share the pain this once, make a few more attempts when back in India over the next two weeks…. if unsuccessful will simply admit defeat and retire my wee blog!

Has anyone else battled the ‘white screen of death’ and emerged victorious?

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Blame technology, not me!

If you’ve wondered about the week-long “radio silence,” a busy social life and “The project” work are not the real reasons… Nope, if you want to blame anything? Blame technology!

I’ve had one of the wretched weeks where one thing is compounded by another until you can only throw you hands up in the air and cry “Mercy!”

Desktop disk disaster

Happier times in Feb 2013 when welcomed new desktop

Happier times in Feb 2013 with my new desktop learning to wrestle with Windows 8 (which I still hate!)

It started off innocuously enough… Mosying along minding my business until the “insufficient disk space.” How had I managed to gobble all the space on the system drive? Four hours and 6 phone calls later was told to do several steps which proved the next day to be merely a temporary work-around. There really is a disk error and next is to take the machine in for hardware not software trouble shooting.

However I have learned: Place of purchase will pass one on to IBM who will pass on to one Lenovo number to pass on to another Lenovo number to pass on to Microsoft to pass on to the place you purchased with an extended warranty. Full circle!

Now I know you techie savvy folks want details and would love your help but wait… There’s more! (more…)

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