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Music Musings – KAN

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Growing up in Canada, one is no stranger to celtic music. My sister’s partner is a drummer and for years was in a celtic band best known for rousing and raucous renditions of pub favourites.

KAN (Photo: Louis deCarlo)

KAN (Photo: Louis deCarlo)

Years ago, I saw the celtic folk group Flook perform at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, so when I learned that flautist Brian Finnegan‘s latest group KAN would be performing in Bombay at Bandra Bandstand’s amphitheatre, wasn’t going to miss it!

It was KAN’s 1st performance in India to kick off their tour organized through Celtic Connections and British Council. A warm, humid Bombay greeted these lads from Scotland, Ireland and Northern England, dripping with sweat, they were undaunted by the heat and technical issues, entertaining with jigs, reels and tall tales.

For those not familiar with these guys, KAN is quartet with Brian Finnegan (flute/whistle), Aidan O’Rourke (fiddle), James Goodwin (drums), Ian Stephenson (guitar).

After the show, I asked Brian if he remembered playing in Winnipeg? Moping his brow, said it was one of Flook’s best gigs ever! Wonder what the guys will say after their India tour?

Check out a video from Celtic Connections 2010 on BBC Alba:

And for more music and info, here are a few links:

Are you a celtic music fan? Have you ever heard the same musician in two different bands in two very different places?

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