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Manitoba, Muffins + More in Singapore

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One of the best things about my recent trips through Singapore was meeting up with friends. And the food. How fab is it when they combine?

An old University of Manitoba friend invited me to meet him and his wife at this lovely little cafe The Muffinry on Telok Ayer. Little did I know til I reached, that this charming place is actually theirs!


As you can imagine, the feature items are muffins…

20140916_Muffins (1024x576)

Mmmm… muffins….

But there’s more more!

Come on... you know you want one!

Come on… you know you want one!

Watch the pie magic in the making….

20140916_MagicInMaking (1024x573)

Clever little pies just waiting to be filled and gobbled up!

I gotta admit, one trip through I popped over after lots of meetings just for a relaxed cuppa… and internet!

Soothing cuppa...

Soothing cuppa…

And on another sat back and enjoyed the music… not sure if you can see, but waaaay in the back of the 1st floor is a young fella with his guitar crooning away.

Muffinry music

Muffinry music

Above all, I’m so proud of my friend’s wife who has created a charming chilled out space. Rather a lot like her – utterly delightful!

The only cruelty is that I’m back in Mumbai and their yum salads, sandwiches, smoothies and sinful baked goods are still in Singapore.

PS – This post is for Lady of the Cakes! I do keep my promises. 🙂

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  1. OOooooooooOOOOOhhhh! I doooooooooo want one 🙂

    • My personal favourite is their crème brule – to die for! Didn’t get a pic as couldn’t stop eating it long enough to pull out my phone camera! 😉

      The sign says help yourself…

      Actually the whole place is run on the ‘honour system’ right down to the coffee bean test tube reward plan. It starts with ‘we trust you’ so go ahead and help yourself, add your own beans for your coffees and come to us to hand over the right moolah for what you’ve consumed.

      Quite the contrast from what the way things operate in India. 🙂

  2. Earl Grey muffins!!!! I WANT TO TRY THAT! It’s hard enough to get muffins at all in India haha xxx

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