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Getting booted up for Amsterdam!

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There is something quite absurd about buying boots in Bombay on a bright warm sunny day in a thin sleeveless t-shirt…

So why am I buying such footwear?

Last night I booked a flight and tomorrow I fly… and this time Europe (not Asia) is the lucky winner!

It has just been a month since my last trip… but with friends in Amsterdam offering a place to crash, accomplished most of my immediate ‘must do’ list combined with a bit of downtime on my hands, thought why the heck not?

It will be just a week as I want to be back in Bombay – especially for my partner’s play “JAZZ” at Celebrate Bandra.

Buying boots in Bombay?!

Buying boots in Bombay?!

So back to the boots… ?

Well… you see… after being a seasoned Canadian from ‘Winterpeg’ where -40’c is just ho hum… All the years in Asia has spoilt me and I’ve grown paranoid about being cold!

+35’c? Puulease! A delight!

Anything below +25’c…. uh erm… squirm… it’s getting a tad chilly, eh?

And temperatures hovering around +5 with rain?! Egads! Who lives in these kinds of places!?

Now why don’t I already have a pair of serviceable closed shoes or boots, hmmm?

Well… I do… in Canada. Which doesn’t help me much when I’m flying from Bombay.

Nothing else?

A snazzy pair of sexy Spanish booties with jaunty heels (smile!). Which again doesn’t work post ankle accident… heels and I are currently not on speaking terms! (frown and growl)

So off I went today on a quest for any kind of comfy closed shoe type footwear that could also withstanding a little wetness.

Hence… buying boots in balmy Bombay that look like they should be able to take on European autumn wet and chill.

Add to the mix:

  • From deep within the bed box, my last Canadian sweater from the early 90s…
  • Alas my uber cool coat for winter trips to China & Taiwan no longer fits… however many trips ago a friend in Toronto insisted I check out this new Canadian store – LuluLemon – and I acquired a rather fab light jacket… plus have my old 90s jean jacket so SHOULD be sorted on that front… (I hope!)
  • Rummaged around an unearthed from the back of the cupboard a couple thin turtle necks that could service as nice inner linings. I haven’t completely forgotten the trick to beating cold is layer layer layer! 😉
  • Socks… where the heck are my old socks!? Ahh…. back of another shelf relegated to the ‘hard to get at because never use’ corner!
Packing for cooler climes is way more complicated than warm!

Packing for cooler climes is way more complicated than warm!

So while I may look like I’m a time warp refugee from 20 odd years ago, I should survive rather than someone spotting a shivering blue waif that used to be known as a hardy Manitoban gal!

And the rest – well… I have no particular plans so will see where my travels take me!

When was the last time you took an impromptu trip?

And more importantly, any recommendations for activities in Amsterdam?

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  1. How exciting! Just think… decent cheese and pancakes 🙂
    Boots shmootz. Just buy yourself a pair of clogs at Schiphol airport.

  2. TheLastWord says:

    Reminds me to write about my first trip out west from India. ( everything reminds of a story, people have been complainin’ ). Yes, that trip was traumatic. Not like the Nepal trip, which was terrifying, but very, very stressful.

    Being-kicked-out-by-Marines-at-the-US-embassy stressful….

    Have fun and cheese!

    • Egads! Sounds like quite the tale! If I’ve missed more details… send a link. Else will catch it if and when you decide to divulge. 😉

      Your marines comment reminded me of one Delta Airlines flight out of India – the crew were all beefy boys that looked like they had just left the marine core. Here I thought I’d booked a KLM flight but turned out to be code share… thankfully the next one was those beautifully preserved (i.e. in their 40s & 50s but look at most 30s) career flight attendants who have eyes in the back of their heads and could spot and diffuse a problem long before it even had a chance to materialise!

      Let’s see how KLM is today. 🙂

  3. BerLinda says:

    It’s not that cold really 😉 And Amsterdam is packed with cosy cafes and bars – you’ll survive!

  4. expatlingo says:

    Have fun! We’ve had a lovely fall. Hopefully it will last through your visit.

    • Me too! However last week looked far more inviting temp wise that this week…. I’d set myself some critical tasks to accomplish before leaving – will only get the last one done today (renew & register my lease) so…. I do hope the lovely fall lasts another few days!! 🙂

  5. gkm2011 says:

    Have fun and take pictures!

  6. NancyTex says:

    Spend some quality time in the coffee shops and you’ll forget all about the damp/cold temps. 🙂
    So many wonderful things to see and do. It’s a great walking city, so just stroll and get lost in the amazing architecture and canals.
    The Anne Frank House was a must-visit for me.

    • I know – can’t wait!

      I last spent time in Amsterdam in the 90s… Loved it and promised myself I would come back and explore more. Its only taken me 20 years?!

      This trip may test my ankle’s limits but it is about time to do that. 😉

  7. Wow!! That was fast!! Booked the flight one day and fly the next!!! I love how spontaneous you are and I wish I could be more like that too!! Have fun and enjoy wearing those boots in Amsterdam!

    • Yup! I’d had a vague idea from when my friends made their plans… however knew I couldn’t go until I got a few things accomplished back in India. As soon as it looked like most should get done…. ticket was booked within 10 mins. 🙂

  8. Woww…so when do i see you back in MUmbai

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