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The great reveal… or not

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I’ve mentioned before that I’m a wretchedly reluctant entrepreneur… yet to have the life I prefer to lead, and more specifically to unpack my bags in Mumbai, regular employment just isn’t the way to go.

So here is the great ‘reveal’… 

1. International (Asia)

Delighted to share I’ve officially opened my company in Singapore! Yipee!

I even have a spiffy new corporate bank account, domain (but no website – let’s not get too excited here!). And have given myself one month to figure out how to do the accounts and tax stuff myself else will shout out for help!

It was absurdly easy, took only minutes and the kindness of an old high school friend… and voila! I was set-up.

The plan is to route all international projects through this company, paying all the appropriate taxes (‘cus we all know how important it is to be good global citizens!).

Daily commute from the East Coast to CBD, Singapore

Daily commute from the East Coast to CBD, Singapore

2. Domestic (India)

Haven’t quite cracked this as originally planned. Had thought would have a business partner however what seemed like an ideal alignment of interests… proved to not have quite the same level of commitment. Oh well.

So still function as a sole proprietor with plans at some point to open a domestic private limited company… But it is just so dreadfully difficult to get anything done in India that I’m not stressing myself. Plus, frankly, given that I haven’t had a single project in India since July of last year… there isn’t any urgency.

I’m hoping to change that over the next few months… if it looks likely that I will have some local business, will open a ‘propah’ company. Else will continue with my wee little me myself and I enterprise.

Photo taken in Bandra, Mumbai

Doesn’t necessarily need two to tango?

3. Partner plans (Mumbai)

Alas the news here is the most frustrating. The company is officially set-up but the business is not.

We had ambitious plans to open a nightclub in Mumbai – a place for performers to call home whether it be spoken word, theatre, dance or music. We put together a great team, built a sensible business plan, pooled our resources and put a heck of a lot of effort into finding the right space that could be as close to being legal as possible in this mad Mumbai.

And offered once, then twice then thrice for different places. We were soooo close… trotted out MoUs, draft leases, girded our loins for the mega deposit. To have all our hopes fizzle away with owner fears of union complications, family politics and what can only be described as the greediness of various potential landlords / lasses.

Dreams dashed, we decided to step away rather than get suckered into paying insane sums that would not support our sensible sustainable business model.

There is a new plot forming – possibly not even in Mumbai – however until is morphs from pupae to butterfly, will stay ‘mum’.

Time to pay the price - a rather unique teacup clock!

Time will tell…

I’ve come to terms with these developments and one never knows… seeds planted today may grow and flourish in future!

Anyone else put sweat, time, hopes and efforts into something to have it not quite materialise?

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  1. Karolyn Cooper says:

    I wish you well with all your ventures.
    I bet you have interesting tales to tell about your attempts to set up a nightclub in Mumbai…but you don’t need to tell us while you are still living and working there!

  2. Jeeezzzz…. you sure know how to make people feel bad 😉 You’ve been a veritable hive of activity, and I can’t seem to find the energy to execute one little bloody house move!

    Sorry to hear about those problems on the Indian front, how very frustrating, after having put all that effort in.

    Sounds like you’ll be spending lots more time in Singapore 🙂

  3. hm, now I feel like I’ve been a lazy bum on a sofa. that’s so much going on and so much yet to be done! In any case good luck with all your adventures and ventures

    • Can’t picture you on a sofa, belching beer and clutching the remote! 😉

      Thanks for the best wishes – much appreciated!

      Now back to sifting through receipts and figuring out how to keep accounts. Ugh! The VERY unglamorous part of starting a business…

  4. BerLinda says:

    Sorry to hear about the frustrations in India – sounded like a great project too. Some people just can’t see past their own noses – and greed 😉 But congrats on getting the international company up and running! Sounds like you’ll have more than enough to keep you going! 🙂

    • The nightclub is a fabulous concept, much needed and know that it COULD work! However it also had to make business sense – none of us cared about making huge pots of money but pouring money into a landlords pocket when the business could never make that much?!

      And yes lots on the go with the Singapore company. It is still just me myself and I but lots to be done to figure out how to setup the books and understand Singapore tax situation. Then will get around to spreading the word…

  5. Hello Carissa,
    Greetings! Let me know if you need help/advice on Singapore start-up matters. Have navigated that bend a few times now…

  6. jbm5188 says:

    Would be glad to host you if you’re in Singapore! 🙂 There’s loads of wonderful place to visit and sights to see, and food to eat here!

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