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NOTA vote for Maharashtra

Ding dong!” Since returning from Jakarta, the doorbell kept ringing with the latest candidate soliciting votes.

All were taken aback to discover a firangi (foreigner) in their midst… and therefore obviously someone who cannot vote.

While I was off in Indonesia, Maharashtra’s chief minister stepped down triggering elections.

And there wasn’t much of a choice: (more…)


“It was a pleasure not sleeping with you!” – Part 1

Tumbling exhausted but enriched out of the car, a tight hug, we said our goodbyes and parted ways.

Hello truck! En route to Kamshet, Maharashtra

Hello truck! En route to Kamshet, Maharashtra

We’d spent the last 18 hours together – including an intimate all night experience…

It started innocently enough…

A month or so ago my partner said “Love – just block your calendar for 1st – 2nd March, ok?”

I blindly responded with an enthusiastic “Sure!” Clueless of what would come…

When I learnt the weekend was an outdoor festival many miles from Mumbai with an unknown creature comforts quotient went “Hmmm…”

Allow me to remind folks, my partner’s style is more 5 star than backpacking. If he must camp, glamping (glamorous camping) is the preferred approach. (more…)

Mumbai Monsoon, Manitoba Memories

Balcony view of monsoon in Mumbai

Balcony view of monsoon in Mumbai

The monsoon has reached Mumbai and even after so many years here, the first rains bring a special joy! There is something about the monsoon. It is the difference between the economy flourishing or failing. It is the delight of dancing in the warm rain. Children playing, laughing with abandon, splashing about soaking wet. There is a different light in the sky, a different scent in the air, the feel of life pulsing strong, plants and trees take on a lush rich green hue, bursting with renewal.


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