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Sunday at Como Park, Kemang… Jakarta adventures

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Everyday Asia has been quiet for an understandable reason – I’ve been pre-occupied with a project in Indonesia for a couple of months. When not in Indonesia, I have  either been in Singapore or Mumbai or somewhere in between.

There has been lots of activities and not much “down time.”

Even weekends have been packed with things like Whisky Live in Singapore or cramming four social events into a single evening home in Mumbai.

Until the long weekend. In Jakarta.

Naturally I had delusions of being able to go on adventures outside of Jakarta… maybe Yogyakarta and Borobudur or other places…

Naturally I also did not book anything in advance… So by the time I tried to fix on a plan, most places that looked reasonable were full.

I knew better. A couple of years ago I attempted to travel out of Jakarta last minute during Lebaran. After some half hearted attempts, I simply gave up.como-park

So why not explore more in this fabulous city Jakarta?

Why not indeed!

Which brought me to Sunday afternoon in Jakarta. More specifically to a Green Love A’Fair… and art / craft / community happening at Como Park in Kemang.

The original plan was to catch up with another friend there however ironically just as we were stepping out the door, she cancelled.

Still game, we ventured forth… looking forward to seeing what arts and crafts and other goodies could perhaps be purchased for Christmas gifts…

It was great to see a patch of green, families, kids and dogs enjoying time together. Food, crafts and activities, music and more.

Como Park

Como Park

It was easy to see this is a community. Naturally my friend knew others there and it is terrific to learn this is becoming a regular Sunday event.

The Merchant Cafe, Kemang

The Merchant Gourmet Cafe, Kemang

One change I’ve noticed most over the years is how so many places, cafes and more have become pet friendly. There were lots of dogs frolicking about, enjoying attention being petted by admirers young and old.

Amusingly, not long after we reached it was rained out! But still good fun.

We shifted from outdoors to indoors at The Merchant Gourmet cafe and then, as the rain eased from downpour to drizzle, made our way home.

We decided to walk and 30 minutes later, rather damp but happy, we treated ourselves to a hot cup of tea and brownies purchased from one of the fair kiosks.

If you happen to find yourself in Jakarta with nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon… check to see if Como Park and/or a Green Love A’Fair is having an afternoon gathering!

Santa at The Merchant, Kemang

Santa brightening our day

Christmas greens, Como Park

Christmas greens, Como Park

Como Park activities

Como Park activities

PS Next weekend is booked for Bogor… then it will be home to Bombay for Christmas!

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  1. Bama says:

    We should have met while you were in Jakarta! But again, both James and I were rather preoccupied with work and a few trips in between. Maybe next time.

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