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How to have a hippy princess holiday!

Sometimes a gal just needs to release her inner hippy child to cavort with her princess streak to enjoy a few fabulous days of bliss in Goa!

How… you ask?

Fly Business Class

In footloose fancy free hippy mode, decide to fly last-minute, pack only a small bag of comfy casual clothes but…

Then out pops the princess with business class for a mere 1 hour flight (ok one was a première seat sale practically the same price as eco & the other was eco bumped up with a nearly expiring upgrade voucher… why waste, eh?) (more…)


A proper “princess” penthouse pad!

My "princess" pad

My “princess” pad

While I’ve said enough about being aghast at discovering I’ve become a picky princess when it comes to places to stay, my adventures in Jakarta house hunting experienced a temporary reprieve with the discovery of a short-term studio apartment in CityLofts Sudirman.

It is connected to CityWalk Mall – full of restaurants, cafes, wine bars and even has a Whiskey Baron (my whisky aficionado side is intrigued tho have yet to try!). Nearby are more independent high-end restaurants for those moments of extra indulgence – my 1st day here went to Harum Manis – what a delicious feast!

The view is spectacular and my photos don’t even come close to doing it justice. Being here during Lebaran was such a treat as I watched all the fireworks from exhaulted heights! Comfortable, spacious for a studio, high-speed internet, lovely pool, my caffeine addiction was fully supported with a large French press and great cafes downstairs.


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