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“What the heck?” in Mumbai

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Are these a new art installation? Some fancy creative contraption? Preparing for the space age piping?

All around our building these shiny new objects attached themselves to our pipes…

2015-12-21 Mayur Rats

2015-12-21 Mayur Rats2

For those not familiar with life in Mumbai, you may be forgiven for your confusion.

After all, their purpose may simply not be required in your parts.

However for us? Let’s just say there was more than one reason we decided to welcome a kitten into our home. It was also in hopes that she would be a good mouse (or rat… or bandicoot) catcher!

Particularly since all the construction, let’s just say that the rodents of the neighbourhood have become rather adept at scurrying up our pipes. Those of us on the lower floors in particular are prone as they climb up and then hop through windows into homes full of all sorts of goodies.

But since these suckers came up? Not one rodent. Phew! Simple yet effective.

Any other unique ways of keeping rodents and other pesky creatures at bay in your home?



  1. I see you won’t be needing the kitten any longer. I’ll email you my address!

  2. Looks silly but it is effective. I couldn’t tell the purpose of those things at all till I saw the explanation 🙂

  3. Marta says:

    Great idea, haha. Simple, cheap and effective…

  4. Margo Towie says:

    Gosh, I wonder how long it will take for the rodents to develop
    trapeze skills?

  5. Hope Townsend says:

    Since we have a cat, we have no problems with mice. But the silver cones look like they might work for snakes! Going to give it a try – thanks 🙂

    • Congrats on having a mouser! Cats are fab for that. 🙂

      As for snakes? I expect it will work for anything that uses building pipes to get up and then from there into your window! 🙂

  6. Amazing that Mumbai has so many anti-rat devices (not all of them work, as you might have noticed) but nothing to halt aggressive warlike pigeons from taking over your balconies.

    • Indeed! We have a rather critical need to put in those pigeon screens… both so our kitten doesn’t go out if we open the balconies and to finally stop producing more pigeons! Practically every day we need to oust another nest or eggs!!!

  7. @ says:

    Now all these rats need to do is; learn “Parkour” 😀

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