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Puuurrrfect Autumn in Amsterdam

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As I enjoy a lazy Saturday in Mumbai with our kitten Zoe while my partner is busy on a chilly shoot in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, I was reminded of cooler climes during an autumn trip to Amsterdam (Nov 2014)… with a few non-human friends who tried to brighten and warm up our days!

More than just a cosy home, the Oosterpark AirBnB flat came replete with bright fall coloured garden and puuuurrrfectly friendly felines.

Off the living room was a delightful view of the garden…

Living room view

Living room view

The Bully

Peaking behind the table is the black cat… who could sometimes be a bit of a bully. (Time to play ‘Spot the Cat’… peaking around the upper left side of the table).

Garden black cat

Garden black cat

Lazy Dude

And then there was the black n white visitor who would pop by to say hello… then promptly plop down on the steps or chair or wherever! This was a lazy fellow…

Well hello little black n white kitty

Well hello little black n white cat

Calico Character

The friendliest of the felines was the calico cat. She would boldly waltz in, demand petting for purrs, rejoice in a morsel or two. This regular visitor clearly thought she belonged inside…

Yup this is my garden!

Yup this is my garden!

And became rather disgruntled when the door was shut in her face.

Why are you NOT letting me in?

Why NOT let me in?

At the time, I particularly enjoyed feline company as there was no critter waiting for me at home.

Anyone else enjoy staying at a place that comes with furry ‘extras’?

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  1. Oh we’ve had a couple of seriously horrible experiences pet-sitting sick cats. And then just recently a really lovely experience. I usually enjoy feline company a lot.

    • Sick cats not fun…

      I’m already realising that our little Zoe who is a delight 90% still retains her street kitten / feral side when it comes to vets or meds. She was so traumatised with her recent shot that the vet recommended we dope her before the next visit else she will start to think that every time she is put in her basket and driven in a car, its a trigger to go berserk.

      Glad you recently had a lovely experience.

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