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Karwari khaana

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It is hard not to be a bit of a foodie in India – there is such amazing choice and range of flavours, cooking styles and combinations.

The passion and pride folks have in ‘their‘ cuisine is unmistakable!

The danger of hanging out with true foodies is that as you are enjoying one meal, plans are afoot for the next!

No surprise then that a brunch of Karwari cuisine was born out of conversations at an earlier meal.

For those not familiar with the region or its cuisines, ‘Karwar‘ is a coastal area in Karnataka, just south from Goa. A distinctive element is that though predominantly Hindu, even brahmins eat seafood and meat.

Linguistically, most speak Konkani like Goans though the official language is Kannada yet there are also strong Marathi and Hindi influences too.

As you would expect from coastal cuisine, seafood is king! Also you won’t find wheat rotis here. Instead rice is the staple starch. Plus generous reliance on coconut (including the oil for cooking) and spicy masalas.

Karwari Khanna

Karwari Khanna

  • Mutton sukke – a dry mutton curry
  • Chicken sagoti (like Goan xacuti but without vinegar) – cooked in coconut gravy with ‘sagoti’ masala
  • Prawn gassi – another coconut dish
  • Batata song – surprisingly simple and amazingly delicious potato with red chillies
  • Usal watana – peas with cashew
  • Dali toi – yum daal made with chilies, ginger, asafoetida
  • Bhakri – a kind of steamed ‘chapati’ made with rice flour, great for sopping up gravy
  • Bhinda kadi – a refreshing kokum drink


Trust me… I’m now ravinous just writing about it.

Any community cuisine that captured your culinary fancy recently?

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  1. Bama says:

    Actually I prefer the food from the southwestern coast of India to the ones from other parts of the country. Maybe because they use coconut milk, maybe it’s also because they use fish and meat. 🙂

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