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“It’s the coconut man!” in Delhi

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One of the delights about living in Asia is access to an array of fresh food. Pure and unadulterated.

In Canada if you want coconut water? You get it from a can or a drink box imported from Asia.

In India, if you want coconut water? The coconut man brings it fresh to your door.

You can sip it with a straw or even have it in a glass if you prefer (why?).

He’ll then ask if you want the ‘meat’ and proceed to take part of the coconut shell to scoop out and roughly chop all that good stuff so it is easy to eat as is or store to have later.

Practically everything from the coconut can be used.

2015-12-18 Coconut man

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  1. That’s also what I like in China as you can get fresh fruits everywhere whereas in Germany / Finland you never get such a huge variety of fruits

  2. Jeff Bell says:

    Agreed. Having access to all the healthy foods in Asia is a great part of being/living here.

  3. So true. The best drink to beat the heat.

  4. Parul Thakur says:

    I too love coconut water. Here in Bangalore you can also watch how coconut s are plucked from the tree 🙂

  5. Missing these fresh coconuts! Saira was obsessed with them when she was a baby and we couldn’t pass a seller without stopping.
    Plus coconut water has loads of salts and minerals that combat dehydration – natures very own rehydration salts solution!

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