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Introducing Sunday Snaps

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Over the last few years, I’ve snapped a lot of random pictures that capture a short story or glimpse into everyday life both in Bombay, in my travels around India and Asia.

Most of them end up my DropBox photos folder – neatly labeled by year, month and location. In short – stored but forgotten.

Then along came a notice warning me that my ‘free’ extra 48 GB was expiring. Dropping me from 57 GB of space to 9 GB. And my current ‘usage’ a whopping 43 GB. Oops!

Sure I could just dump everything on a hard drive and be done with it. However I decided to do a little photographic ‘spring cleaning’… deleting many, saving a few and selecting a choice pic or two to share these ‘everyday’ images.

Welcome to ‘Sunday Snap Stories’…. just an image (or two) with a simple thought (or story) to share a little insight into something you could stumble across around the corner from home in Bandra, Mumbai or traipsing around India.

First up? A typical Mumbai skyline shot of the Bandra-Worli SeaLink taken from a friend’s home.


PS This also celebrate’s Everyday Asia’s 300th post! Woo hoo!!

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  1. I barely remember the days when I still had free dropbox…! Nice shot 🙂 And congrats on your 300th.

    (P.S. You’ll be back up to your maximum limit again in no time. The kitten will make sure of that.)

    • It feels like an accomplishment if I go a kitty pic-free day!

      She was so darn cute this afternoon when we packed up the Xmas tree… I simply had to leave out a few ornaments that make good cat toys. Let’s see if next year we still have a soft white Christmas tree or stocking ornament remaining. 🙂

  2. Sarah M says:

    Yes I got that email too. I have to pay $99 or something to keep it Still wondering what to do with it all

  3. Gaaaa! I’ve been sorting photos today. It’s such a job and that’s only 2015 data. I bought Lightroom but have been scared to get it going, knowing I have several thousand photos to sort and tag. Ugh! At least once I get that software working, things will be better catalogued. Looking forward to more of your Sunday Snaps!

    • You think I managed to sort through all?? Goodness no! Just slowly plug away at it… Been watching (more accurately listening and half watching) some really dumb TV with a kitten curled up purring and laptop sorting through pics.

      I’m reliving a TON of memories some of which I may get around to doing longer posts and some fit perfectly into a single snap short context kinda approach.

      Looking forward to seeing what you do with Lightroom!

      • Ha ha! You disappoint me dear, Carissa. ;D Just kidding. Oh ya. Photo sorting. It’s just painful sometimes. I go into a zone with my chin in my hands, eventually drooling, eyes glazed over… good idea to watch dumb TV at the same time. Yay! Reliving memories is so much fun. I went through my AU/NZ albums the other day and still can’t believe that was 10 years ago.

        • Must have been fab reliving your AU/NZ times from 10 years ago! Unfortunately I have a massive gap in my photo history…. All my digital pics before 2010 disappeared in a series of computer and back-up hard drive mishaps… sigh… Now everything is stored in at least 2 places.

          • Noooo! I’m crying for you! That’s horrible that so much of your data was lost. Yes, backing up two places is so important. It’s great that data is so cheap now.

            Those AU/NZ + Thailand pics are all in albums, which is nice. I still enjoy a printed photo. I got my first digital camera around that time so I’ve got the lovely burned CD sets. I’m slowly going through my small collection of heavy albums and getting rid of them. Moving them gives me a headache (and a backache). 😀

            • Yeah… I still can’t believe how many YEARS of visual memories are gone. Sigh… Whereas I still have some physical photos from the 80s and 90s… Can’t quite get rid of them so applaud your ability to let go! Lighten the load! 🙂

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