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Cricket fever in Mumbai

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Folks who know me well know that sports just isn’t my thing.

After decades in India, I have yet to be converted to a cricket fan.

So imagine the surprise that I… someone who doesn’t follow cricket landed up at a coveted T20 cricket match in Mumbai. The game was a few days ago when West Indies trounced England.

Tonight most of India will be glued to their TVs… tonight the fate of the India team will be decided… tonight I almost wish we still had cable… I may not have cricket fever but I’m curious to know what happens!

T20 England vs West Indies

T20 England vs West Indies, Wankhede Stadium

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  1. You can still watch it on Star Sports website. The match is streamed live. As far as performance is concerned I doubt India will be able to move forward into semis, but who knows India might just pull it off. There’s a saying – Anything Can Happen in India. Enjoy your Sunday evening.

  2. freebutfun says:

    Sounds like the first steps to cricket fever but still in denial 😉

  3. EVP says:

    It was a pretty amazing game!

  4. Psyk Das says:

    Yeah it catches up the fervour that is cricket in india :/

  5. Whilst I am not a huge cricket fan Carissa I know how big it is India (and in Australia for that matter) .

  6. James says:

    Wow, Carissa – how did you snag that prime spot in the stadium? I am not a cricket fan either, but the atmosphere and tension would easily have gotten to me. Madhu once said that everyone in India – any man or woman on the street – has an opinion on two things: politics and cricket!

  7. BerLinda says:

    I was at my friend’s place last week. Cricket was due to start at 3pm. I left at 2.59 😉

  8. We have a couple of friends over for dinner tomorrow. When we invited them we didn’t remember that it was the semi finals with India. Now, the big question, should we inflict an evening of cricket on them, or just sneak a look at the updates on one’s phone now and then.

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