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Whirlwind work trip – Tokyo chapter

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In July 2014 I went on this crazy whirlwind work trip that took me from Jakarta to Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo then Shanghai back to KL and home to Mumbai for a short bit before heading off again to Jakarta!

Thanks to still having mobility issues at that time, I could not explore with my usual verve and vigour… instead hobbled carefully along with my trusty cane.

While short, it was a fabulous trip and when hosting our February Japanese themed whisky tasting session, was reminded of how much I enjoyed those couple of days in Japan.

Tokyo Treat!

It was my first trip to Japan – a place I’ve wanted an opportunity to go for a long time!

And I loved it! I would go back again in a heartbeat – hopefully next time with my partner.

For this trip, I had three objectives:

  1. Conduct a kick-ass programme precisely within the allotted time and attempt to avoid the cultural pitfalls the previous ‘North American’ facilitator made
  2. Feast on fabulous food with a focus on making the most of being in the land of sushi, sashimi and more!
  3. Hunt down less accessible Japanese whiskies
Fake food

Fake food display in Tokyo Shinjuku

So how did I do?

  1. Programme – Feedback was positive and unless folks were too polite to point out my gaffs, managed to do ok. Timing was impeccable – I asked for all the participants help to enable us together to start and finish on time. I literally did a count-down to the second at the close!
  2. Food – Oh baby! I am salivating just remembering… to say I pigged-out is a massive understatement.
  3. Whisky – I scored full marks as my monthly post providing a synopsis from Whisky Lady attests!
Wake up Scotland! Japan has some series whiskies to beat.

Whiskies from Isetan Shinjuku

While my regular camera broke I did manage to catch a few snaps on my trusty camera phone, so will share a couple interesting elements from the 2.5 days in Tokyo over the next week or so…

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  1. That was indeed a whirlwind of a trip!

    It sounds like Tokyo was good to you – great reviews, good food, and awesome whiskey! What more could a girl want! 🙂

    • It was! I did manage to take a few pics… so will squeeze out another post or two on the experience. Really do want to go back!! For the food, whisky and a chance to explore further! Was quite frustrating as was very much limited in my mobility last year. Makes me all the more thankful I’m mobile now. 🙂

  2. I am still waiting and hoping to visit Japan someday soon. Seems this year wont work out for us but there is always hope for the following year 🙂

    Seems that the trip payed off looking at the whiskey, too bad about the camera though!

    • Camera was my fault – clumsy butter fingers with one too many falls. I’ve gone through more than one that way alas…

      My back-up iPod touch with HD video similarly died an ignoble crashed screen death in Amsterdam.

      Which is why I haven’t actually replaced any camera yet – sticking just with the phone.

      As for Japan – highly recommend you folks make it there one of these years!!

  3. So envious… I’ve always wanted to go to Japan! Too broke to turn that into a reality at the mo 😦

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