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London Calling… Watch out Winnipeg!!

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There is something just so joyful about hitting the ‘confirm’ button when purchasing long haul flights. That extra thrill that tells you… soon… soon… you will be back to the international airport, whip out that passport and wing your way around the globe to a place where your morning is night and your sleep time is a sunny day!

Yup! We just booked our Canada flights… and decided to jazz things up a little this time with multiple stops. Just because we can. 🙂

1st stop – London

For dinner, sleep, breakfast and another flight (I think that is rather civilised).

2nd stop – Vancouver

For a couple days to stay with my honorary bro and his partner plus catch up with all sorts of lovely folks!

The Hicklings - 2013 summer edition

The Hicklings – 2013 summer edition

3rd stop – Winnipeg

To celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary – now how fabulous is that? I’m hoping for a lazy summery Sunday BBQ too…

4th stop – Toronto

To visit my partner’s family and more friends… conveniently timed to enjoy Canada Day (1 July) festivities.

5th stop – London

For several days of fun ‘n frolic… perhaps a few meetings thrown in just ‘cus. Maybe even a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath as we’ve both always wanted to go and never have.

6th stop – Mumbai

Home sweet home!

Now the impatient countdown begins… a mere 2.5 months to go… Clearly it’s been too long since my last international trip (November – Amsterdam). Or any trip (February – Goa).

I’m extra excited about Vancouver and London. While I regularly (i.e. every year or two) get to Toronto and Winnipeg, I was last in Vancouver for a cousin’s wedding (7 years ago?) and London? Gosh! 1988?!? Will be especially enjoyable being in London together with my partner as he’s spent lots of time there performing in plays, film shoots, etc.

Good thing I’ll get a quick travel fix flying to Delhi next week else who knows what other impulse ‘confirm’ buttons might be pressed in the interim! 😉

So… advance notice… Watch out Winnipeg! Van-groovy! T.O. and most of all London !!

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  1. So many destinations in such a short time. Nothing for me :p

    I always need per stop few days so I guess your schedule would have taken me three weeks /)

  2. BerLinda says:

    Exciting! I’m jealous 😉

  3. NancyTex says:

    Have a wonderful trip! I got to do both Stonehenge and Bath (as well as Salisbury) on a guided tour during one of my trips to London a few years ago. Definitely worth it!

    • As soon as we thought of Stonehenge mentioned to a friend who went – YES! Shared was one of his favourite trips with his partner – also with a guided tour. Think its time to play tourist! 😉

  4. Zambian Lady says:

    That is a busy schedule, I must say. Safe travels and enjoy yourself.

  5. rowanhayward says:

    Enjoy your trip, it sounds great! Your parents will be particularly happy to see you on their 50th wedding anniversary, I’m sure 🙂

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