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Bonus time in Bombay – Jakarta I’ll be back again soon!

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Today I was supposed to be in transit to Jakarta… but I’m instead waking up in Bombay. What happened? Did I miss my flight? Was there some major life tragedy that derailed everything? Nope! Just a simple delay in the launch date for the project which means more time home rather than away.

Where I was supposed to be today...

Where I was supposed to be today…

When I said “Happy to work on a project in Jakarta!” the understanding was it would finish in November. Then we started actually working in Indonesia and it was blindingly obvious it wouldn’t finish until December. And now with the dynamics of one partner, it has been pushed back to February.

Still the same work, still the same fixed fee, just stretched over a longer time with larger ‘breaks’ in between. It is a much more realistic schedule and most importantly enables us the time to get recruitment on track so we can work along with the new people who will be taking the project forward once we are gone.

That’s kinda the role of consultants in this sort of implementation project. We aren’t the parents that got ‘knocked up’ with a baby nor are we the ones that will raise the kid right, but we are the mid-wives helping coach through that painful birth. And it sure will be nice to have more ‘family’ around during the delivery and not just a single mom – which has been the case so far.

So while it is a bit inconvenient, it is the right decision for the client and I could probably do with a bit more ‘gestation’ period for figuring out my own ‘what next’

Cool clock on Chapel Road, Bandra, Bombay

Cool clock on Chapel Road, Bandra, Bombay

What am I going to do? Enjoy my bonus time in Bombay! Get caught up on all sorts of every day activities and tap into more resources here in India for the benefit of the client in Indonesia. Maybe even get around to some blog posts I’ve wanted to do for some time but never get around to writing/finishing!

What else am I going to do? Actually plan the next trips to Jakarta to build in some exploration time – beyond the scheduled work time for the client. It would be such a shame if nearly every hour there is spent slogging on work. Yes work will remain the primary focus but now that our time is being ‘stretched’, why not ‘stretch’ it in Indonesia too? Naturally on my own ‘dime’ but still – can’t miss such an amazing opportunity! What do you think?

So… here’s to enjoying bonus time in Bombay and Jakarta – watch out! I’ll be back soon enough and ready to make the most of it!

Quote on a wall hanging from my temporary 'princess pad'

Quote on a wall hanging from my temporary ‘princess pad’

PS Those that were curious about my adventures in apartment hunting… I actually did find a place however by the time that miracle occurred, it was clear the timelines and approach was shifting so could not ‘lock in’ to renting. Anyone with tips for good hotels with deals in the $100/day range in Central or Slipi? Suspect I’ve managed to track down most but one never knows! I could have missed a hidden gem. 🙂

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  1. Dasappa says:

    ..and today is a gift…and that’s why its called the “present”…..wow, as usual enjoyed reading your blog. People have forgotten how to relate at a very normal level…and you have done just that….with your down to earth and candid writing…enjoy your stretched time……i’m sure that’s a gift as well….
    cheers! Dasappa

  2. gkm2011 says:

    Glad to know you have more time with Denzil and your friends in Bombay! We should try to catch up soon, but may be after October holidays as I soon head off on my next adventure!

  3. Which parts of Jakarta Pusat (Central Jakarta) would you prefer to stay in? Slipi is not within walking distance to much, but if you want to be around Jalan Thamrin, prices greatly vary.

    I was directed here from Expat Lingo by the way. I used to live in Jakarta, so if you have any questions about it, let me know!

    • I was looking around Sudirman as found a couple routes that get from there to Slipi was relatively painlessly. Had found a place through AirBnB in CityLofts Sudirman which was great but not available for the balance of my trips.

      The usual better hotels all seem to fall outside of our budget of approx. USD 100/day. High speed internet is key and doesn’t seem to be provided outside of the 5 stars… which are outside of our price range (except the occasional Pullman Thamrin deal that I never seem to managed with timings).

      At the moment I have as a ‘back-up’ plan Menara Peninsula in Slipi, walking distance from the office but then I get stuck there.

      So please – recommend away! Quite sure I’m missing a gem or two…

      Thanks Expat Lingo for passing my plight on!

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