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Watch out Jakarta!!

I’m coming back!!! To say that I missed being in Jakarta is putting it rather mildly…

After a nearly two year hiatus, I finally have another project back in Indonesia. (insert image of mad happy dancing)

Can’t wait to be re-united with the guys and dig into the work!

No wasting time apartment hunting – chose a serviced apartment walking (hopefully not stumbling!) distance from the project office in Kuningan. Almost booked at my last Jakarta ‘stay-cation‘ spot, however bagged a slightly better deal nearby.

How fab is it to have a pool ALL to myself!!

Where I’m not staying this trip…

I also can’t wait to see a couple crazy friends… earlier trips resulted in an ad voice over (“Can you drop the Indian accent!“), overnight drive just for 1am dinner at a hill station, joined family time in Bandung and a slightly random road trip in Java.

I expect there will be an art amble, some Friday night fun with gal pals, malls can’t be avoided so will use these forays to stock up on a years supply of tolak angan!

And the food – OMG!! There will be feasting fit into all the focused work…


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Today I was supposed to be in transit to Jakarta… but I’m instead waking up in Bombay. What happened? Did I miss my flight? Was there some major life tragedy that derailed everything? Nope! Just a simple delay in the launch date for the project which means more time home rather than away. (more…)

Shine On Award!

shine-on-awardWith the recent project in Jakarta, I’ve been struggling to make time to do anything other than work. So it took a trip home to Mumbai and a little breathing space to say – “Thank you Gina of the fabulous A 4star life for the Shine On Award nomination!”

I can’t miss your blog and its in my “all time favourites” like Zhongguo Jumble, Kiwi Gypsy, Lady of the Cakes, Ottominuti – You folks are my blogging idols!

To accept the award, I need to share random 7 facts about myself (different to earlier award – Liebster) and nominate 15 other blogs I enjoy reading. If I’ve nominated you (ie blogs below), feel free to ‘accept’ and pass on the joy to others! (more…)

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