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Welcome home?

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You know that special ‘Aaaahh…’ that comes from walking in your front door, flopping on your familiar sofa, making a home-cooked meal, sleeping in your own bed after a trip?

No matter how fun-filled, fabulous and remarkable the journey was, there is that sense of ‘rightness’ in coming home.

Unless your cosy sanctuary is in shambles, the kitchen inaccessible (let alone functioning), all careful efforts to keep furniture undamaged gleefully undermined, every single assurance the work would be done dashed.

Once upon a time this was a kitchen

Once upon a time this was a kitchen

In this case, for want of a 2 minute phone call, a 10 minute job with a $2 expense.


Everything was held up as the contractor does not provide electrician services and so stopped the main support beam work as there was an offending electrical plug point in the way.

Even better, our “goddess of goodness” – aka temporary resident who put up with the mess and madness by staying in our home while we were away – offered to pay for the electrician and then spent five days trying to track down the ‘mistry’ (head contractor) to ‘do the needful’ and get the work done.

It is your fault plug point!

It is your fault plug point!

Even more amusing was the instant jumping to attention and flurry of activity which occurred on the return of my partner.

‘Sahib’ was back… and ‘Sahib’ was NOT pleased!

Suddenly an electrician was arranged and his part of the puzzle done – removing the plug point.

Suddenly a boy shows up to do the concrete… hold it! Wasn’t the reason for the delay the challenge that the demolition that PRECEEDS the concrete work couldn’t be done til AFTER the plug point was removed?!?

‘But Sahib said…’

What? To ignore completing the very work that held up all the other work in the first place?!?!?!

Furious consultations led to the assistant ‘mistry’ coming and with a light tap, the controversial area crumpled.

If ever there was a doubt that this work is necessary that tap did it. That section of the supporting beam literally fell apart in an instant.

As one friend joked “Is your bookshelf single-handedly holding up the building?”

Our beloved bookshelf...

Our beloved bookshelf… covered in protective plastic… sort of…

The next stages in work commenced… My new daily regimen is to sport a fine dusting of ‘plaster of paris’ powder and inhale paint fumes. All this accompanied by the symphony of pounding as the ceiling of the flat below us is demolished.

As for the hall and 2nd bedroom? Work has yet to begin.

My partner and I have decided we need at least a one week ‘sanity break’ before we will give access. One week to re-establish order in our living room and kitchen.  One week before we have to dismantle the last area, creating a temporary office in the kitchen and piling high in the centre of the 2nd bedroom the balance furniture… In short, one week where we have our home back.

My current estimate is it will be at least another month until true normalcy within our home and the end of the year for the full building. At least I’m hoping.

It was almost comical that my partner actually believed the contractor’s assurance we would come home to a completed freshly painted living room, kitchen and hall.

But for now… can we just go back on holiday to Canada or the UK?

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  1. Yeh hai India, darling?

  2. “Like” but not! I was wondering what you’d be coming home to. Egads! Good on ya bookshelf. Your work isn’t over yet.

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