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We have our home back!!

I cannot even begin to describe the amazing pleasure it is to FINALLY have our home back! No lingering construction work, no workers crap cluttering our balcony, no walls waiting for plastering, no unfinished painting to be done. Nada!!

The work only began on our building in March 2015. And was only supposed to take 2-3 months. Hmmm….

We aren’t yet truly ‘home free’ as work continues on other flats so we still contend daily with the whir and whine, pound and bang, however our home is blissfully worker free. And back to normal!! (more…)


Welcome home?

You know that special ‘Aaaahh…’ that comes from walking in your front door, flopping on your familiar sofa, making a home-cooked meal, sleeping in your own bed after a trip?

No matter how fun-filled, fabulous and remarkable the journey was, there is that sense of ‘rightness’ in coming home.

Unless your cosy sanctuary is in shambles, the kitchen inaccessible (let alone functioning), all careful efforts to keep furniture undamaged gleefully undermined, every single assurance the work would be done dashed.

Once upon a time this was a kitchen

Once upon a time this was a kitchen

In this case, for want of a 2 minute phone call, a 10 minute job with a $2 expense. (more…)

You know you are in trouble when…

We all know that when construction folks say “It is a 5 days job” it is likely to be more. It is practically a universal phenomenon that unexpected developments occur in any major project.

In India, you can reliably double the time so I wasn’t surprised when “5 days” work in our bedroom stretched to two weeks. What was amusing to discover was the different definition of “done.” According to the contractor, “finished” looks like this… (more…)

“Ding dong!” or inconvenient conveniences


Grumpy “OPEN” guy sez it all…

The domestic activities part of day-to-day life here in India often strikes our guests as fascinating. So many services and little life luxuries that are simply not available or affordable for most folks in the west. However convenience comes with a price, and for me, the morning routine can sometimes lead to a serious bout of grouchiness with the incessant ringing of the doorbell.

You have to understand, I am decidedly NOT a morning person… it is best to not expect a coherent conversation until after my second cappuccino. However much I yearn for an easy morning ritual, I instead contend with a series of door bells which typically goes like this:


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