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Whisky Lady – April adventures

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Welcome to Whisky Ladys 4th instalment summarising the April’s whisky tasting adventures.

While our formal tasting session was cancelled, the month had two highlights:

  • Whisky Lady invades Man’s World with a Glenmorangie event and interview
  • Tasting take two revisiting Japanese and Indian whiskies from previous tasting sessions

Whisky Lady in a Man’s World 

Thanks to an accidental rescue, Whisky Lady now has a regular whisky feature in Man’s World magazine. The 1st assignment took me to Delhi to interview Dr Bill Lumsden, Director of Distilling, Whisky Creation and Whisky Stock for The Glenmorangie Company.

Anyone familiar with the world of whisky would know Bill is the innovator behind Glenmorangie and Ardbeg for the last 20 years, leading him to be named ‘Industry Leader of the Year’ a record three times by Whisky Advocate magazine. Bill is credited with making whisky ‘finishes’ fashionable and more recently for sending vials of Ardberg Single Malt to age in Space.

Bill was in Delhi to introduce Glenmorangie’s prestige range to India… which meant an opportunity to sample the 18 year, 25 year and Signet paired with a formal sit-down dinner. More on that to come in May once the interview is published!

Glenmorangie event in Delhi (Whisky Lady)

Glenmorangie event in Delhi (Whisky Lady)

Tasting Take Two

One advantages to being part of a whisky tasting group is the opportunity to be introduced to a wider range of whiskies than one can individually acquire.

One disadvantages is that typically that means trying the whisky only once when first opened.

As both the Japanese suite from February and Paul John quartet from March are ‘my’ bottles, I had the luxury of revisiting. This enabled an opportunity to see if certain notes or elements are lost as a whisky oxides in the bottle and also what remains as the base character.

For the Japanese revisit, I compared the two experiences and highlighted the differences in a summary post after separately sharing the initial whisky tasting notes.

For the Paul Johns’, I combined the tasting session notes with an impression of each whisky plus a summary of the four expressions:

Paul John Single Malt Quartet (Whisky Lady)

Paul John Single Malt Quartet (Whisky Lady)

In addition to three tasting sessions, Whisky Lady shared notes on:

Curious to know more? Start with Whisky Lady’s monthly missives:

You can also find Whisky Lady on:


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