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Sunday stroll on Juhu Beach

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OK… I know it is mid-week not Sunday. However I also know we live near the sea yet for some strange reason it is rare to find us strolling by the water.

So we when we arrived on Sunday slightly early for a private preview of Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet, conveniently located at Sunny Villa in Juhu, I took the opportunity to wander along the beach and thought today to share some quick snaps.

For those not familiar with Mumbai’s Juhu beach, it is a weekend favourite for families, blushing couples, energetic adolescents and hawkers… one of the few places free to come out and play. There is a long stretch of sand with plenty of room to jog, play soccer, enjoy a picnic with a multitude of vendors catering to the crowds that grow until sunset the gradually slip away.

20150503_JuhuBeach Family 20150503_JuhuBeachAndheri 20150503_JuhuBeachBandra

There lots of choices for snacks to nibble on at Juhu beach…


Roasted corn – best liberally smothered in lime, salt and spices


Fresh coconut water, dates n more..


Cotton candy


Roasted peanuts at the exit (just in case you missed it on the beach!)

This Sunday, there weren’t too many sandcastles however spotted a flag marking someones efforts!

Not sure this qualifies as a sand castle?

Not sure this qualifies as a sand castle?

However there are oodles of beach dogs….

Juhu beach dog...

Well hello there… pant… pant…

Family gatherings, sunbathing and general merriment.

Family enjoying the sun...

Family enjoying the sun?

Even without bathing suits, folks jump in the water for a swim.

Coming out from a sundress swim

Coming out from a sundressed swim

Coming in from a swim before sunset

Catching a last swim before sunset

The question I was left with is – why don’t we come to the beach more often?

PS No spoiler alerts for the film here – just see Bombay Velvet when in theatres 15th May 2015.

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  1. NancyTex says:

    That corn isn’t slathered in butter? Blasphemy! 🙂

    • Haha! Don’t worry… if you come to our home it is pressure cooked then gobbled down hot with butter and a bit of cracked black pepper! 😉

      But the roasted corn with lime and spices is actually really yummy!!

  2. So many warm memories of the food around the beach!

  3. thewriteedge says:

    No spoilers on the movie, but did you like it? I’m a little worried that it won’t live up to the hype. Been wanting Ranbir to blow us all away again (a la “Barfi”,) but his career seems to be stuttering lately.

    • I love the period context Anurag has evoked, some of the characters are very well done however expect what I saw and will be available in theatres will differ. Was chatting last night with one of the actors and understand the censors are having a party. Sigh…

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