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How bad theatre results in a great eve

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We’ve seen some terrific theatre over the last few months… but it can’t always be a complete hit or ‘wow’ reaction!

No surprise, a recent new production that SHOULD be good was actually a dud.

The audience was so collectively stunned that when the lights dimmed at the end of the performance, there was a resounding silence. Followed by an uncomfortably polite smattering of lacklustre applause.

No… I will not give further details or trash the folks involved – they were clearly sincere in their efforts. It just did NOT work.

Predictably, the post-play chats just outside the theatre reflected the experience. Then all it took was an off-hand comment: “You know what… I really think we deserve a drink after that!”

Which prompted my partner to turn to me – “Should we?”

And we found ourselves hosting a completely impromptu gathering at home.

As meaningless as the performance was, the informal after-party was delightful – rich with interesting conversations, crazy stories and laughter. All it took was an eclectic assortment of khanna (food), a few martinis and other beverages and most of all – amusing characters. Before we knew it – the clock spun past 2am.

The art of a fabulous impromptu evening lies in the unexpected unplanned quality – somehow by complete accident all the ingredients end up being just right.

What a brilliant way to salvage what would otherwise have been a wasted evening!

Driven to drink?

Driven to drink?

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  1. Those unplanned, last minute ‘Why not,’ spontaneous notions turn into the best events ever. Plus, they will turn the mood of the crowd around in no time! 🙂 Glad your night ended on a high note!

  2. BerLinda says:

    Unplanned nights are always the best! When you plan and plan, it usually turns out to be an anti-climax!

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