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Theatre I – Intro

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One of the hazards benefits of living with a stage actor is I get to see a LOT of theatre… sometimes in our living room!

In the last month since I returned from Indonesia, we’ve enjoyed two theatre festivals, I nearly missed one play from Canada but managed to join a ‘pop up venue’ version and my partner is curating a third theatre festival – part of a larger set of festivities that make up ‘Celebrate Bandra’.

And as my partner’s rehearses for his play ‘JAZZ‘, I couldn’t help but think, how lucky is it to enjoy LIVE theatre?

There is no re-take, no re-play, no editing, no airbrushing, no augmenting… what you see is what you get and when done well, it is pure magic! The kind of magic that is in that moment alone… only those present partake.

And even if the show is repeated, the experience is never exactly the same… the audience reaction is different, the actors’ chemistry shifts, something makes each performance unique.

So thought I would share over the next few weeks some recent theatrical highlights…

Theatre Theatre Theatre!!

Theatre Theatre Theatre!!

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  1. It’s been a long time since i’ve seen a performance. In Finland it was mostly due to just too high costs and rather uninteresting plays. Now in germany i have already one Chinese play in my eyes for next year 🙂

  2. BerLinda says:

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to the theatre because of language barriers but I do love it! And I’m pretty sure there are English plays here as well (until my German gets up to speed!). I want to go and see Beauty and the Beast this month – nobody will go with me haha!

    • What?? Are you too much of a beauty and only the beasts are willing to go? 😉 For plays, especially comedies, actually understanding the language is… well.. kinda a pre-requisite I find.

      But I grew up with my mother singing in Operas… even before they started to project sub-titles, I knew enough of the story line and the acting is always bigger than life so it didn’t much matter it was in German, Italian, French, Russian. 😉

      I’ve also seen some Marathi theatre here and catch only part but when done well, even that’s worth checking out!

      So hope you get to catch some theatre soon. 🙂 Til then… I’ll bore you with my recent experiences….

  3. NancyTex says:

    I love live theatre! Hubby and I have been subscribers to Mirvish (the producers of Toronto’s big budget theatre season) for years, and more recently we’ve been also subscribing to their “Off Mirvish” series (their rake on Off Broadway). And I have yet to travel to NYC or London and not take in a show. Nothing like live theatre! So awesome that you live with a stage actor!

    • Yup! A whole world of Indian theatre opened up through my partner. 🙂

      So fab you regularly catch theatre in Toronto. My folks usually get season’s tickets to MTC, MTC Warehouse or Prairie Theatre Exchange.

      I’ve caught a few shows in NYC but not yet London. Hope to one of these years. Perhaps will tag along my partner’s next London shoot if I’m still between assignments. 😉

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