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Winnipeg Folk Fest Part 3 – Thanks for the memories

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Some folks in Winnipeg were surprised we did not remain for the Folk Festival.

After all, I’ve been an avid festival goer and volunteer for many years! Even dragged my partner from Bombay back for the 40th Winnipeg Folk Festival  in 2013.

However… our focus this trip to Canada was my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary celebrations in Winnipeg, with a side serving of re-uniting with friends in Vancouver, Canada Day with my partner’s sister and family in Toronto and a bit of amusement in London before scampering back to India.

But I gotta admit… this weekend as Facebook is flooded with photos of the Fest, viewing vicariously what I’m sure was amazing music, friends catching up with other friends, the effort and joy of volunteering, the next generation delighting in the unique community environment and activities… yeah I’m missing it.

So decided to relive it going through a few photos from 2013… and to share three:

My partner... an admitted scrabble addict watching a giant scrabble game

My partner… an admitted scrabble addict watching a giant scrabble game

Me caught in the act of having fun

Me caught in the act of having fun

The icing on the cake (so to speak) was participating in an anniversary panel “40 Years of People” hosted by radio personality Brian Richardson.

2013 Winnipeg Folk Festival - 40 Years of People

2013 Winnipeg Folk Festival – 40 Years of People

Fellow panelists included :

  • Mitch Podolak & Colin Gorrie (founders)
  • Trudy Schroeder (Executive Director 1999-2008)
  • Rick Fenton (Artistic Director 2001-2004)
  • Pierre Guerin (Artistic Director 1992-2000)
  • Karen Dana (past board member, 30+ year volunteer, coordinator/founder Apprentice Crew)

This is a memory to treasure forever – what a privilege to celebrate 40 years with some true folk fest folk heroes!

So for those who enjoyed the ‘fest’ this weekend and are going through that exhausted satisfied but tired activity of tearing down camp – good for you!

For past ‘folk fest folks’ like me who stayed away by choice or circumstances – we have some great memories to enjoy.

For those who haven’t experienced a summer music festival (particularly with camping), there are lots of other fabulous community based festivals out there.

Why not try? Create some memories too!

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  1. You must have had some amazing times there over the years. Your post reminded me of the Vancouver Folk Festival which we’ve been to many times. So much fun!

    • Yes indeed! It has been a big part of my life… I literally grew up with the WFF and running the security crew was a year-round labour of love. Sounds like there are a lot of changes happening – some old folky friends I caught up with in Winnipeg end June made difficult yet deliberate decisions to avoid this year. Are you going to the Vancouver one this year?

  2. NancyTex says:

    Looks like it would be an amazing time!

    p.s. You look smashing in that candid shot!

    • It was amazing – as always! Though there were also changes too – like anything in life it has morphed and transformed over time.

      Thanks for the PS – this was from my fitter phase where felt just, well, fabulous. You know what I’m talking about. 🙂

  3. That picture of you caught in the act of having fun is so awesome. It looks like you are having a great time and this picture tells a tale in itself.

    You may not have attended the festival this year but I am sure you will be there for the big 5 – 0 celebrations!! It is only 8 years away and we all know how fast time passes.

    • I was having a blast! Enjoying the music, meeting crazy old friends, the atmosphere, joy of being outdoors and outside of city life for 5+ days…

      Yeah… I seem to always be going back to Canada for celebrations of some sort – which is a good thing! Weddings, Folk Fest 40th, parent’s 50th, in two years it will be my high school 30th reunion and there are enough of the folks I really liked who are poking me to return that I just might make it… cus as you say, time passes fast and so it is sometimes nice to stop for a moment and have an excuse to celebrate the milestones.

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