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3rd year + 13th Quarter – Belated update

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After a bit of a hiatus, time to bring back a quarterly summary of what’s been happening.

In real life, there have been a few fairly momentus changes in the last few months. Most are ones I don’t tend to talk about. Bottom line is I had to leave India to change my visa… thankfully was successful!

There were many hopeful moments of a return to Indonesia or Malaysia or other opportunities that have finally materialized with a project in Jakarta starting later this month!

I also had my first article published on Scroll.in :

A foreign woman’s response to Mahesh Sharma: It’s got nothing to do with dressing modestly

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Gimli Manitoba harbour sunset

While there wasn’t much travel, there were a couple of trips:

  • April was back to Delhi to finally finalize my divorce
  • June brought a jaunt to London, Toronto and Winnipeg with a new Indian visa quest
  • My Winnipeg time included joining a 50th wedding anniversary, friend’s 60th birthday and side-trip to Gimli, Manitoba where we even had a tour of the Crown Royal distillery!
  • August had a terrific week-long marriage marathon in Singapore

2016-04-18 Delhi Fashion Mural

Top views for the year?

  1. Obsessions… playing with piano keys about my partner transforming old piano keys into art
  2. Fringes of fame aka star selfie ‘autograph’ featuring flirting with fame!
  3. India Memory Project – Partner’s Story… just read it… a very sweet story
  4. Irrational moments – Innocent question triggering an emotional minefield
  5. When did it become rude to call? Musings on no longer just picking up the phone to call… with some terrific comments


What’s in store this quarter? Hopefully work, work and more work!

  • Fingers crossed nothing derails the newly signed international project in Jakarta!! I can’t wait to get back there…
  • Even bigger hope that after massive efforts, can finally start to harvest some  crops from all the seeds planted, weeded and watered over the last year for enterprise solution contracts
  • There are a few other bits and bobs that may also lead to something interesting…

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