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11th Quarter Summary – Confession time

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Most folks who blog get to a point where they hit an impasse… and things either flounder, falter and flop or…. change. I’m not yet ready to give up, but have certainly faltered a time or two.

Let’s be honest, I’ve been pre-occupied with a crazy long list of company / business related activities, interspersed with enjoying life and… yes… distracted by my other blog ‘Whisky Lady.’

Sure I still WANT to write but the ideas that pop in my head inspired by an experience or conversation just haven’t been making it to the publish stage.

And don’t even get me started about drafts! Anyone else have an embarassing 60+ gathering dust in your drafts folder?!

Clearly it was time for an intervention, clean-up and figure a way to get “back on the saddle” for a a renewed posting groove!

Thinking (asiasociety.org)

Thinking (asiasociety.org)

That drafts folder?

  • Let’s just say half were immediately deleted
  • Brushed off a select few to actually FINISH – accomplishment!
  • A bunch of older half written posts with a travel theme are in a pipeline for further consideration

And getting back into a posting groove?

  • Zero pressure on posting! If something strikes my fancy and pours out – great! If not, shoulder shrug and move on…
  • Make it easy! Hence the new series – Sunday Snaps. Sounds like a contradiction to commit to a series, eh? But I found it fun and easy to select a single image with a quick story or thought… preparing several advance posts BEFORE introducing the series.
  • Flashbacks… remember that old draft content? Some may find new life in a ‘Flashback’ post or will go in the dustbin
St Peter's Christmas Tree, Bandra

St Peter’s Christmas Tree, Bandra

So other than blog confessions, what else did this quarter bring? Well… life brought a few developments:

  • Swung into Singapore in December for much overdue work for my international company plus caught up with oodles of friends!
  • Slogged on the Indian business development front, which also meant ‘quickie’ trips to Delhi
  • As for the ongoing structural repairs? Hours before the end of January we FINALLY finished the pending work in our flat! Yeah! There was much rejoicing!! Now… as for our neighbours and the building painting?? Hmm… maybe another year?
Circa 2004

Saif Ali Khan + self, circa 2004

This quarter’s top posts were:

  1. Fringes of fame… aka the star ‘selfie’ autograph
  2. “Madam you must put your permanent address” aka a logic defying day in Delhi
  3. India Memory Project – Partner’s story
  4. When did it become rude to call? With an interesting range of comments too!
  5. Boxing Day Bonus! Featuring our new kitten Zoe… she continues to delight us everyday

And what’s coming this quarter?

  • Lots of focus on the professional front
  • Another trip (or two) to Delhi/Gurgaon
  • Possibly a trip to Canada late April / early May
Goodbye Delhi Airport

Delhi Airport

So you may not see that many posts, they may even be short but I’m not disappearing yet!!

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  1. gkm2011 says:

    Keep it up! You are awesome. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Karolyn Cooper says:

    Good ideas in this post. Delete the dusty old drafts. Do the posts that are “fun and easy”.
    And I would add, don’t worry about it. Inspiration will strike sometime. In November I had no interest in blogging. Then I got started on my Christmas posts, and I was unstoppable.
    I’m looking forward to the next Sunday Snap….tomorrow?…no pressure!

    • Sunday’s post is ready – it’s Eggcellent! With the Sunday ‘snap’ posts, prefer preparing a 4-5 together and then schedule, shifting order based on whims n fancies closer to the date.

      Yeah… long ago I reconciled myself to the ‘don’t worry about it’. I began with an idea of posting 4 times a month and then went way beyond that for a while and then a few months below that ‘threshold’.

      I remember even last summer you weren’t so sure about the future of Distant Drumlins (LOVED all your Christmas posts!!!) while Townlands of Ulster kept consistent. Similar experience for my two blogs – with Whisky Lady half the posts practically write themselves – specific topic with regular content. With less travel in Asia and some fairly significant professional distractions, Everyday Asia has taken a back seat.

      But I ain’t giving up!!! 🙂

  3. BerLinda says:

    My drafts folder is empty 🙂 I just don’t work like that haha! Something pops into my head, it festers/writes itself in my head for a few days or so, and then I write it out 🙂 But do keep going! My reader would be lonely without you 😉

  4. Glad you are continuing to blog..I really enjoyed this post too.

  5. Yay! So happy you’re finally coming to visit me!!!

  6. expatlingo says:

    I completely understand this feeling!

    • Glad I’m not alone! 😉 I do think what motivates us to start blogging changes over time, as does the relationship with the blog. A few blogs I absolutely LOVED when I began are no longer active. That’s ok too. I just haven’t given up yet. ;-0 And hope you don’t either!!!!!

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