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Punjabi khaana in Delhi!

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When traveling, a gal has got to eat! In 2015, I had several trips to Delhi. Normally I keep it a quick ‘grab and go’ kinda meal unless it is a sit down business lunch or dinner.

However during my December trip, with the chill in the air and a little time on my hands between meetings I had a ‘proper’ sit down Punjabi lunch with chole (chickpeas), laccha parantha, pickles and salad. It was simple and completely satisfying!

Punjabi lunch

Punjabi lunch

Now I’ve ordered hot chole bhatura from a local dhaba in Bandra and have even been known to make it at home from time to time… however it is just not the same as the spicy tangy incredibly delicious version most joints make in Delhi.

There are lots of other amazing Punjabi dishes… any other favourites out there? Ones that are simply not quite the same outside of either someone’s home or a particular location?

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  1. Seems delicious. Have you tried the same dish at Cream Centre in Mumbai? Of course, not as good as Delhi, but on Mumbai standards they are equally good. I used to work at Cream Centre during my college days and even celebrities come in there to have chhole bhature. Try it out.

  2. Chickpeas! I love ’em! Spain also has plenty of chickpea dishes. Now if only they knew how to do spicy… sigh.

  3. Chickpeas, pickles and salad. Sounds and looks absolutely delicious.

  4. footwalker says:

    As a Punjabi, i can tell you that you’ve discovered the jackpot. There’s nothing quite like chole bhature accompanied with hot chai. There is one detail that misled me though… food is ‘Khaana’ with two As. Khanna with two Ns is a common Punjabi name pronounced Khunna, which made me think.. what’s so special about a Punjabi Khanna in Delhi? But it made me look! 🙂

  5. Psyk Das says:

    The best Chola Baturas with the Batura stuffed with paneer is in Lajpat Nagar next to the gurdwara facing the old furniture market 🙂

  6. Chhole bhature in Mumbai is meant to keep your memories alive for when you visit Delhi again. So, thanks for the reminder; I have a work trip coming up.

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