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Whisky Lady – Jolly January

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Yeah! This is officially the beginning of “Year 2” since I started sharing a monthly round-up of Whisky Lady sampling adventures!

January started off slow… then picked up pace to cover 25 whiskies – including back-to-back whisky tastings last night and the night before!

Light, bright, delight and woah!

Light, bright, delight and woah!

Our original group had a light sprightly feel to the evening with:

Whiskies Ladies go American!!

Whiskies Ladies go American!!

And The Whisky Ladies of Mumbai?

We went full-on all-out American! We were joined by a special guest – Shatbhi Basu – bartender, cocktail creator and Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) whiskey Ambassador to India.

  • Jack Daniels Old No 7 40% – Banana cream pie nose, benign palate
  • Hudson Single Malt 46% – Umm… not quite sure what to make of this one!
  • Jim Beam 40% – Happy feel good whiskey that is a little too easy to drink
  • Knobs Creek 9 year 50% – Now we are talking whiskey!
  • Plus three delicious cocktails

However sampling adventures didn’t stop there! Nope! Read on…

Ballantine's Signature Whiskies
My final tasting adventure with a Whisky Lady friend before she moved to California was cracking open a Ballentine’s Quartet with:
Canada gift! (Whisky Lady)

Canada gift! (Whisky Lady)

My personal whisky tasting was a quick nip and dive into samples from the Canadian Score with:

Some of Whisky Ladies of Mumbai

Also shared notes from a very merry Whisky Ladies evening from September 2015 with Global Marketing Head, Scottish Brands Karen Walker:

From the archives, I also brushed off and re-visited notes for:

Curious to know more? Check out Whisky Lady’s monthly missives:

You can also find even more Whisky bits ‘n bobs on:



  1. 25 whiskies in one month….*and* reflections on fashion — a prodigious achievement. I mustn’t ever let my (whisky-loving) wife ever find this blog! 😉

  2. Nijntje says:

    I was looking around Bookmyshow the other day and couldn’t help but think of you when I saw an event displayed which was all about whisky. Tasting. Explanations. It might be too introductory for you, since you seem like an expert already, but you still…. might want to have a look. Cheers!

    • New event to me. But at Rs 11,000 to 85,000 it would need to feature outstanding whiskies!! Which is simply not possible in this city with the kind of liquor that makes it through customs and excise duty. By contrast, was at a private tasting last night which featured the remarkable Balblair 38 year, bottled Sept 2004. Heaven!!

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