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10th Quarter Summary – Everyday Asia’s aging!

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Wow! We’ve officially entered double digits for quarters… Merci all ya loyal readers and welcome newbies!

2015-10-03 Store entry

This quarter, I was interviewed & featured on two sites – how cool is that?

  • Expat Focus – A website for globe trotters and bloggers from around the world…
  • Learning India on working in India – a great website started by an American consultant in Chennai to help folks interested in working or living in India

Life brought a few developments too:

Partner + I at one of the many Mumbai marriages, Dec 2014

Partner + I at one of the many Mumbai marriages, Dec 2014

For Everyday Asia, all top quarter views were ‘golden oldies’ from previous quarters:

  1. Happy Independence Day India + Indonesia!! Still popular after two years!
  2. The many faces of home about my various definitions of home
  3. Whisky shopping in KL  where I would happily go shopping again…
  4. Travel tales… How I got ‘hooked’ on going ‘away’ – For everything you ever wanted to know about what got me from there to here, but were afraid to ask!
  5. Our Christmas Eve Love Story – Heck if I’m still madly in love with the guy, why wouldn’t others enjoy the story too?
Drowning in construction material

Drowning in construction material

Popular posts published in the Aug – Oct 2015 quarter were:

  1. Expat Focus on ‘Everyday Asia’ & AMWF advice (that’s Asian Male / Western Female if you haven’t yet come across that term!)
  2. Letting go of bookish friends remembering all the bookish friends I’ve abandoned over the years…
  3. It never ends… shrug and sigh about simply accepting how things go sometimes…
  4. Only later did I understand… about child sexual abuse
  5. Travel time! Door No 1, 2 or 3?? joyfully announcing my upcoming travels!

And what’s coming this quarter?

  • More domestic travel is on the cards – definitely Delhi once or twice and maybe more
  • Finally heading back to Singapore early December – yeah!!
  • Debating whether to spend Christmas in Canada or Mombasa or just sticking home in Mumbai… all depends on business results from a couple of months of hitting the pavement and other factors well beyond my control.

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  1. That was a nice election huh! Trudeau Woohoo

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