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Whisky shopping in KL

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It is well-known that I enjoy a good dram…

Hunting for whisky treasures!

Hunting for whisky treasures!

It is also reasonably well-known that I’m part of a lovely private whisky tasting club in Mumbai…

What isn’t so well-known is how we acquire our specialty offerings!

I’m gonna let you into a secret… From trips just like my Malaysia one.

When each member travels, they hunt out a place that goes well beyond the average duty-free fare to titillate our palates with something unique.

We also have a network of friends who come visit, knowing the best thing they can be is a ‘mule’ for our increasingly discerning tastes.

In all my trips to Indonesia last year, I despaired of finding anything remotely interesting.

You see… we’ve exhausted the duty-free options from my usual stops – Bangkok, Singapore and Mumbai airports.

A little sample of Deanston while you buy your veggies?

A little Deanston while you buy your veggies?

I had little hope Kuala Lumpur would prove any different from Jakarta.

How wrong I was!

My colleague suggested I check out the local supermarket. I’m sorry, what?

And he was right! Clearly the buyer for this boutique shop within the Mercato supermarket knows her stuff!

As for what speciality item I bought?

Stay tuned for future monthly whisky tasting sessions…

Not just single malt, specialty tequila too!

Some within & beyond my price point!

MMMmm more whisky!

MMMmm more whisky!

For more posts on our tasting sessions and whisky explorations… check out my other blog Whisky Lady.

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