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Travel time! Door No 1, 2 or 3??

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I booked a flight!

And there may be another one or two on the horizon.

All domestic.

All places I’ve been before.

Yet for each, it was long ago and the one constant in a country like India is change.

I can’t wait to board that plane…

Door No 1 – Jodhpur

City of palaces. It will be hot, dry and colourful. Heavy, spicy delicious food…

I first went to Rajasthan in 1990 and then again between 2004-06 on work. Since then, there has been no opportunity to return. Jodhpur is one place I haven’t even come close to adequately exploring…

This would be a pure pleasure trip!


Jodhpur (www.jodhpurindia.net)

Door No 2 – Kolkata

Early British Raj collides with leftist politics. And the food?? I’m salivating just thinking about diving into dishes that simply are not the same outside of Kolkata or a Bengali home.

Kolkata used to be home to extended family – Marwari marriage marathons interspersed with the occasional work trip. Last trip to Kolkata was to speak at a conference more than five years ago. Already I could see the city transforming, though still retaining its distinctive British colonial influenced charm.

This would be a work trip with (I hope) a bit of fun catching up with old friends. Fingers crossed the assignment will come through!!

Kolkata (usf.vc)

Kolkata (usf.vc)

Door No 3 – Chennai

The only Indian city where I truly feel like a foreigner. My Hindi gets me no where… and I seem to always skirt along the surface in my crazy short trips to Chennai, never having a chance to delve deeper.

My first trip in 1990 was not only Chennai but also Mahabalipuram with its extraordinary rock temples. Since then, had several work trips with different companies. Last trip was memorable for flying from Mumbai during the 2008 terror attacks and surviving cyclone Nisha in Chennai.

I do have an invitation… unlikely makes sense, but if it happens, will try to throw in a work twist or two!

Chennai (mytourntrip.com)

Chennai (mytourntrip.com)

I may do only one, two or all three… but one way or the other, I’m getting on a plane again soon!

Which will it be? Stay tuned…

PS… Door No 1 was Jodhpur – YEAH!! And Door No 2…??

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  1. Traveling, no matter where, is always exciting. And like you said, even if you have been there before, things are always changing. Plus, there is always something new to see.

  2. Happy travels! Jodhpur is fabulous. Chennai not so much 🙂

  3. The travel options are always so exciting, that window where you get to decide what the next adventure is…nothing like it!

  4. Ah travel on the cards.. I have not seen either of the three cities but if i get a chance – I would follow the same order as yours 🙂 Have fun!

  5. I so want some of all that delicious fooooooood…. sigh.

  6. NancyTex says:

    Safe travels! I’m kicking off another brutal 6 weeks of travel today. Sigh.

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