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Travel time! Door No 1, 2 or 3??

I booked a flight!

And there may be another one or two on the horizon.

All domestic.

All places I’ve been before.

Yet for each, it was long ago and the one constant in a country like India is change.

I can’t wait to board that plane… (more…)

“Can you drop the Indian accent?” – Accents and voice overs

Recently, I did a voice over in Jakarta for an ad pitch. They were looking for a middle-aged woman with a North American accent who could speak with warmth, like a mother to her growing child. Now…

Where the deed was done!

Where the deed was done!

  • I’m indeed a ‘native’ English speaker
  • I’m certainly from North America  (yes the Canadian prairies count!)
  • I’m quite happily in my 40s so the right ‘age’ (more or less)

However… I don’t exactly have what you would call a typical ‘Canadian’ accent any more. Truth be told after a decade plus in India, it has more than just a tinge of an Indian lilt.

So given just how Indianized my accent has become, it was no surprise that my friend who arranged the voice recording begged me “Can you please drop your Indian accent?”

Apparently I succeeded in reclaiming my ‘home and native land’ accent. We were able to ‘nail’ the recording in only 5 takes – including options for the client to consider.

Now I’m not a professional at doing voice recordings, so it was an amusing experience however it did prompt me to think about how our accents adapt to our environment. (more…)

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