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Obsessions… playing with piano keys

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My partner suffers from the occasional bout of artistic obsession…

For some time, it wasn’t a new film, play or even music. It was piano keys!

No it wasn’t playing piano… it was creating art installations out of piano keys from one of first pianos in Bandra… as in over 100 years old!

The keys laid out on the kitchen table just after manic cleaning

The keys laid out after manic cleaning

What happened to the piano that came with these keys? Well… it was transformed into a bar some time ago. I recently met its owner and saw photos of its transformation – remarkable!

What happened to the piano keys? Here are a few of the pieces my partner created.

One project in process…

One project in progress...

Wait…. wait… wait….

And the finished product:


There are also very practical “Keys for keys”

Key for Keys

He also created a “Leaning tower of keys” and the final project was the “Key Lamp” which had a few iterations before finally becoming what you see here…

Key lamp

I’ve often been the beneficiary of his obsessions. When he says, “Let’s not get rid of it. I have an idea…” Chances are something quite interesting will be the result.

Anyone have an obsessive quality? Any interesting outcomes?

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  1. I want the “keyboard” 😉

  2. NancyTex says:

    Love the series of 3 on the wall!

  3. I also love the series of 3 on the wall. And the keys for keys. I’d like to see the lamp in a bigger photo and without the light on so it would be easier to see it.

  4. TheLastWord says:

    I’m not very arty. Scratch that… I’m not arty at all. I’m always amazed at how people can turn something mundane into art.

    About the only obsessive quality I have is the need to find out “why”. And some of those outcomes have been, well, “interesting”… 🙂

    • Hahaha!! I’m sure there is more to the story with your ‘outcomes’. 🙂

      And I’m also an artistic appreciator rather than creator. So marvelled as my partner dreamed up an idea then made it real!

  5. love the key art 🙂 your hubby does have some great ideas, and it’s even better that he puts those ideas to life

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