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Road trip anyone?

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Whisky Lady

An exciting development with my Canadian trip is an opportunity to go on a whisky distillery tour.

After a year of writing about whisky many folks are surprised to learn that I’m a distillery tour ‘virgin’. Yup!


I received confirmation the tour is set up and they shared a wee list of ‘guidelines’… which sounded vaguely familiar to Inver House’s global marketing head Karen Walker’s fashion advice to Mumbai’s Whisky Ladies!

  • Close-toed shoes
  • No skirts
  • No large pieces of jewelry
  • Please bring your ID
  • No photos are allowed on the tour

As for where we are going?

Let’s just say I’m proud to share that my first tour will be in my home province of Manitoba, Canada… and delighted to be hopping in the car for a little road trip from Winnipeg…

Gimli (Photo: Clarina Taylor) Gimli (Photo: Clarina Taylor)

Those who haven’t figured it out yet don’t know their whisk(e)y!

PS Photos all courtesy of a…

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  1. “No large pieces of jewelry…” ha ha! There is so much room for hilarious comedy sketch here. Hope you had fun on your tour and I’m sure you’re enjoying being back in Canadia! Happy belated Canada Day, too!

    • Happy belated Canada Day! We did have fun on the tour and I had a brilliant time in Canada. Quick trip though and am already back in Mumbai.

      • Really?! Wow! That was a quick trip. That answers my question about getting a visa then. That’s great! Are you still in limbo with India or have things been sorted out?

        • I was a woman on a mission – and thankfully that mission was accomplished! Now back to the FRRO for the foreigners registration and all will be sorted on the visa front. Been instead super busy trying to get things sorted on the projects / work front as now that the visa is done, need to get back to making money rather than digging ever deeper into savings while I was in limbo!

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