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The art of play!

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Everyday Asia’s blog structure ‘shake-up’ continues… for after all, what’s ‘work‘ without ‘play‘!

As shared, ‘work‘ is a new category created to explore how:

  • Work enables explorations of new places, experiences and more!
  • Everyday work weaves its way into the fabric of our lives
  • Getting things done in a country other than where you grew up can be… well.. different?
Holi greetings (Courtesy: Ok)

Holi greetings (Photo: OkGo)

The ‘play‘ category largely pulls together stories revolving around topics such as:

Now dig in! Get those fingers all covered in food!

I’ve also introduced :

And here to say thanks!

What do you think? Is this working for you?

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  1. I think you’ve missed something crucial here… where’s the Category? As in kittehs? Where? Hmmm?????

    • I was keeping ‘Urban village’ with all those adorable kitty cats as part of the ‘home’ category but… I do see your point! Especially as there a new building kitty… a baby that is hanging out in all the building crap mewling away.

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