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Zero to Hero Week 4: Final stretch… take 2!

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Aaakh! Have you ever accidentally hit publish!?! Instantly realized the error and deleted a post?

What happened? I scheduled several posts, was making a few last edits and hit “Update” button… except oops! In this case, had barely started the draft let alone ready to “publish”…. gulp! DELETE!!

So now, as well as being late to WordPress’s “Zero to hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog” have a blogging blooper to recover from too!

Day 21: Build on your last post – While I automatically publicize on Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr, I prefer to control what, how and when a blog post goes on FaceBook.

I sometimes build on earlier posts… like with “Mumbai Theatrical Debut!“,”Costume Crisis!” and you’ll see soon a post on “Hair today, gone tomorrow!”

Day 22: Try (Another) Blogging Event – Gonna skip for now…

Day 23: Publish a Roundup  – Inspired by Zhongguo Jumble, I already have the habit of preparing a quarter summary. Phew! That was an easy one. 🙂

Day 24: Chat with Other Event Participants – Again moot as skipping Day 22’s assignment.

Day 25: Add One More Custom Touch – Post Malaysia, plan to give this a try! I added a Revolver Map widget as thought it was cool on another blog.

Day 26: Set Up a Few Drafts for Later – Triple moot as have much more than a few drafts!

It is a good tip – pound out something quickly, leave it for a bit… revisit, edit or trash if no longer seems interesting or relevant. Except if you accidentally publish a draft you were just starting – doh!

Also if you have busy periods (don’t we all!) it is super handy to trot out a completed post waiting in ‘reserve’. 🙂

Day 27: Revisit a Task – Decided to finish up another post on India’s tax system. Yeah – I know! It is like getting a root canal. But it is on my mind these days as I gear up to filing as an independent consultant with international projects. You’ll see it soon enough!

Day 28: Build on Your Popular Content – Believe it or not, my all-time MOST popular post is.. drum roll…

Why? Credit searches for “Balvenie Triple Cask”…

And I do delight in sampling different whiskies, so it is a regular topic. 🙂

However, even my experiment with a poll proved, it isn’t the most popular topic with engaged blog readers.

The next popular posts are:

These topics closely capture the core concept behind this blog – expect more posts on related topics!

Day 29: Build an Editorial Calendar – I toyed with series… Saturday on music, some Sundays a light Urban Village post, two Thurdays a month on whisky… prefer to post on a less structured schedule though…

Day 30: Set a Goal for the Next Thirty Days – My initial goal was one post a week. As my life is taking yet new twists and turns, it is a good time to give this more thought…

Having taken a stab at completing Zero to hero, what’s my perspective?

  • The professional trainer part kept reminding myself to keep an open mind, give new things a chance, but also keep doing what works, and make learnings my own.
  • It helped me realize that even without a structured process to improve, I’ve picked up a few tips seeing what others do that I appreciate.
  • However this blog is a personal indulgence – something I do to share stories that interest me and may interest others.
  • The mechanics don’t concern me, the topic and human element does – especially engagement with others.

So ta ta! Goodbye “Zero to hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog” journey.


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  1. Totally with you on the last point 🙂
    A five star effort on the blog improvement front. Makes me think I should be more strategic and organised!

  2. Expat Eye says:

    Yeah, I agree with the last point too! It’s the comments and interaction that make it all worthwhile! I don’t really care what colour it is or how many widgets I have 😉

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