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1st Quarter Summary

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Egads!? It’s been three whole months since I began this blog! Inspired by Zhonggou Jumble, I decided to introduce a summary covering a few highlights (and likely some lowlights too) for each quarter.

“And in the beginning…” I was encouraged my many friends in many places to share every day stories and observations about life in India, work in Asia, and reflect on a variety of experiences from the mundane to the remarkable. This blog is the result.

What I hadn’t expected, yet is hugely enriching, is virtually ‘meeting’ an amazing community of bloggers. Your stories inspire me further, make me laugh, sigh and I especially love it when contemplating a particular topic… up pops a blog about that very thing by another blogger with his or her own distinct perspective and interesting insights.

It is humbling and still a bit startling to learn that people actually READ this! I’m surprised when friends and family remark on something mentioned in the blog. And was completely flabbergasted to see that people from over 40 countries have checked out my rambles. As I write, Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly) comfortably surpassed 2,000 views. Pas mal!

This quarter was eventful for both me and my baby blog:

  • Part of how I could devote time to blogging is a change in my professional life from a regular salaried job to self-employment inching towards an entrepreneurial venture – shared in “Coffee Conundrum” with a remarkable new twist in “Wanna work in Jakarta?” (where I just landed!)
  • My partner and I went to Canada to visit family, friends and join the Winnipeg Folk Festival’s 40th Anniversary – shared in “Home sweet home” and related posts
  • Ding Dong! Or inconvenient conveniences” remains my most popular post! A dear friend and professor of anthropology at Ithaca College, plans to use it this fall in her course as a depiction of every-day morning routines in India – how cool is that?
  • The early days of monsoon also attracted attention with “Mumbai Monsoon, Manitoba Memories
  • The business of socializing” garnered lots of views and sparked several animated conversations in the ‘real’ world
  • And last, but certainly not least, the Liebster Award is such a boost for beginner bloggers and helped me discover more blogs I really enjoy!

I know the next three months will be insanely busy and full of all sorts of new experiences. I look forward to sharing and would love to hear feedback, comments, challenges and basically what interests you!

1st Quarter Country Stats

1st Quarter Country Stats



  1. gkm2011 says:

    Congratulations! You have a great blogging start and I am truly impressed by your readership that grew so quickly! Thanks for saying I inspired it! Keep going…

  2. Anirudh says:

    Carissa, I am happy for you! Congratulations! Have a good trip to Indonesia and expecting many more blogs about Indonesia

  3. It’s great fun, this…
    I love seeing the world map slowly colouring itself in. Last week I finally netted Mongolia, hurrrraaah! Greenland will be tough.

  4. Expat Eye says:

    Congrats! It’s such a great way to spend time – all sorts of new people pop into your life and new opportunities arise! Keep up the good work!

  5. gina4star says:

    Congratulations! It is amazing how in such a small amount of time you can experience so much and “meet” so many different people! I always love popping over here to read about your adventures, so thank you for sharing them! 🙂

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