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Zero to Hero Week 4: Final stretch… take 2!

Aaakh! Have you ever accidentally hit publish!?! Instantly realized the error and deleted a post?

What happened? I scheduled several posts, was making a few last edits and hit “Update” button… except oops! In this case, had barely started the draft let alone ready to “publish”…. gulp! DELETE!!

So now, as well as being late to WordPress’s “Zero to hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog” have a blogging blooper to recover from too! (more…)


Zero to Hero Week 2: Trying new things (blog stuff)

As shared, I’m rather late to WordPress’s “Zero to hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog” so attempting to fast-track my way through select steps. This is a compressed version of the 2nd week… For the 1st week, check here.


Kicking corruption – Screening of “Jai Bhim Comrade”

I’ve shared how there seems to be a subtle shift in India… a frustration with crippling corruption and ridiculous red tape of bureaucracy… and a will to see tangible change. So when a friend – Anand Patwardhan, well-known activist and documentary filmmaker – approached my partner for help organizing a public showing of his politically charged film “Jai Bhim Comrade” (naturally with no budget!), my partner was undaunted and determined.

He was also very clear:

  • If he could get all the permissions needed through sincere effort and above-board application process, duly providing legitimate documentation for requirements, he would go ahead with the event.
  • If one single hand reached out for money to line their personal pockets, he would not only halt the process immediately, he would make a very loud and public stink too! (more…)
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