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Whisky Lady – Jolly Good January 2017

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January was just jolly good! It was great being home in Mumbai and even better being able to join all three whisky groups sessions…

My Whisky Lady posts began the month with a great big THANK YOU for so many who have been integral to making it possible to have such copious content and memorable experiences!

(Photo: Table for One)

(Photo: Table for One)

This month, the Whisky Ladies hosted the Bombay & Malt and Cigar gentlemen for a combined evening featuring our “Ladies Choice” whiskies as those found most interesting over the last year:


I was absolutely delighted to join our original club’s session with a journey East to West with:


The Whisky Ladies also had their own exclusive session featuring “out of ordinary” North American evening:


My Whisky Live Singapore postings continued with:


Finally recovered from a lingering cough and cold I finally got around to completing my 2016 Winnipeg Whisky stash samples:


Plus cracked open a few miniatures from The Whisky Exchange:

Finally…. one more from the archive – Auchentoshen, AnCnoc, Deanston & Tomatin!

Curious to know more? Check out recent Whisky Lady’s monthly missives:

You can also find my Whisky Lady in India avatar on:


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