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Whisky Lady – December Delights

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Just wanted to raise a virtual toast and wish you all a very Happy New Years!!

As I was away in Indonesia for most of December, my Whisky Lady posts were mostly catch-up on earlier tasting experiences…


Once again the Bombay & Malt and Cigar gentlemen managed to accommodate my mad travel schedule and arranged our night to coincide with my limited dates back in Mumbai. The theme was Berrys’ and a blend featuring:

Old Pulteney, Benromach, Bowmore, Hampden

Old Pulteney, Benromach, Bowmore, Hampden

The Whisky Ladies may have skipped the December session, however I published the tasting notes on our November trio of ‘contributors choice’ whiskies plus an experiment comparing Glencairn and Norlan tasting glasses featuring:

Knowing I would be pre-occupied with traveling, brushed off from the archives some earlier tasting sessions:

2016-11-12-whisky-collectors-roomDecember featured the first of several forthcoming posts from Whisky Live Singapore:

Plus a sprinkling of other posts:


I also shared notes from the 2016 Winnipeg Whisky stash samples:

My original plan was to continue sipping, sampling and sharing the balance Canadian stash on my return… however a wicked cold had other plans for me and one should never waste good whisky on a stuffed up nose!

So once again – raising a virtual toast to friends near and far – may 2017 be full of merriment and more!

Curious to know more? Check out recent Whisky Lady’s monthly missives:

You can also find my Whisky Lady in India avatar on:


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