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Whisky Lady – November novelties

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My Whisky Lady posts kept speed with lots of activities in November despite being away in Indonesia most of the month with a short detour to Singapore for Whisky Live.


Before flying off, managed to sneak in a session with the Bombay & Malt and Cigar gentlemen which was a quest for quality affordable cask strength whiskies:

Our original tasting group carried on to sample an interesting assortment of Teeling whiskies – which I also tried at Whisky Live in Singapore… so didn’t feel completely left out!

Old Pulteney, Benromach, Bowmore, Hampden

Old Pulteney, Benromach, Bowmore, Hampden

The Whisky Ladies kindly waited for my return to Mumbai so we could enjoy a trio of ‘contributors choice’ whiskies plus an experiment comparing Glencairn and Norlan tasting glasses featuring:

Nordic Whisky Set

My Nordic Whiskies – Explorers Edition continued its journey with:

I also shared a few additional musing such as:

Westland, Pine Barrels, Stranahan's, Four Roses, Woodford

Westland, Pine Barrens, Stranahan’s, AD Laws, Woodford

And published the previous Whisky Ladies tasting notes from our American adventures:

Curious to know more? Check out recent Whisky Lady’s monthly missives:

You can also find my Whisky Lady in India avatar on:



  1. Tasting time has really come up with the advent of December Carissa :)))

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