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Whisky Lady – November novelties

My Whisky Lady posts kept speed with lots of activities in November despite being away in Indonesia most of the month with a short detour to Singapore for Whisky Live.


Before flying off, managed to sneak in a session with the Bombay & Malt and Cigar gentlemen which was a quest for quality affordable cask strength whiskies:

Our original tasting group carried on to sample an interesting assortment of Teeling whiskies – which I also tried at Whisky Live in Singapore… so didn’t feel completely left out! (more…)

Jameson, Green Spot + Redbreast

Part of a series of tasting notes from a monthly private whisky club in Mumbai, India. This session was a special event focused on Irish whiskey.

Tasting Notes from 21 Nov 2013

We departed from our usual format in honour of a couple Irish lads from Jameson. Our evening included Irish whiskey history, making, trivia and tales – including a sniff of malted vs unmalted barley, new make spirit from pot vs column still.

The Jameson lads with their set-up for the eve

The Jameson lads with their set-up for the eve

The whisk(e)y  sampling began with a blind tasting of American, Irish and Scottish: (more…)

Glenfarclas special

Part of tasting notes from a monthly private whisky club in Mumbai, India. This session is from our ‘archives’ and was a special event hosted by the Four Seasons featuring Glenfarclas.

Tasting Notes from 24 Nov 2011

Our ever evolving evenings brought our intrepid whisky sipping souls to the Four Season for a special evening with George S Grant of Glenfarclas family. For those unfamiliar with this distillery, the following story may be of interest: (more…)

Cracking open the cabinet

This post is from one of our more memorable sociable rather than formal early sampling sessions from a monthly private whisky club in Mumbai, India. 

Tasting Notes from 15 Sept 2011

We broke with tradition and merrily abandoned all pretense of blind tastings… instead settled down for a sampling of various bottles. It became a  popularity contest between different regions and geographies as small pegs of multiple whiskys were sniffed, swirled, swallowed, savoured and yes – much discussed! (more…)

The Glenlivet range, Edradour, El Dorado

Part of a series of tasting notes from a monthly private whisky club in Mumbai, India.

Tasting Notes from 18 July 2013

In a slight departure from our standard format, we tried ‘blind’ four selections in rapid succession before they were revealed. Followed by a 5th whisky and a rum.

“Our host for the evening had a surprise in store! We were warned at the outset there would be 5 samples with four to be tried without revealing the whisky in question until all were tasted.”

Intrigued, our sampling began… (more…)

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