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You know you have a neglected blog when you are inundated with offers for content ‘support’ from various corners.

A year ago, I felt the need to change the way I approached content on Everyday Asia to give greater focus to four different areas: HomeAwayWork and Play.

Did it stick? Not really… partly as my travels significantly reduced and the work situation became complicated. Even on the play front, I would attend so many amazing events but these did not translate into posts…

My Sunday Snaps series attempt to revive regularity also lost steam…

I was clearly in trouble when I skipped my usual quarterly round-ups of highlights and lowlights – including celebrating EverydayAsia’s 3rd anniversary.

And then I found myself rushing to post a half written musing on taxis in Singapore just so I wasn’t only sharing my monthly Whisky Lady summary from Whisky Lady blog content.

Yeah… time for another intervention. Big time.

Then a friend came along and asked me to write something for him.

After a few days distraction, I sat down… and the words poured out.

The topic prompted me to reflect on my 25+ year relationship with India.

This was what was missing.

The story.

The personal connect to a given topic.

And here you have it folks. The underlying reason for radio silence – good old writers block!

To test my theory, I pulled up a few more half written posts… and boom! Polished off one in record time. Then started a new post… bam! There you have it another done.

It doesn’t mean there haven’t been some tough moments in the last few months. It also is quite true there were an awful lot of other priorities. Many of the distractions will remain over the next few months.

But finally it feels like I’m back, not just physically home!

Do you love Mumbai too?

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  1. Sometimes a girl needs a break from blogging. It’s totally allowed 🙂 How’s your little escape artist, btw?

  2. maria says:

    I have that exact feeling with my blog! I feel like when I am writing constantly, I write a lot, but it’s so hard to get back into after a few days (or weeks) of neglect..

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