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Bagel Shop ‘Adda’ in Mumbai

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The concept of an ‘adda’ in India is broadly a gathering of people in prolonged conversation. What primarily comes to mind when I hear this word is a group of guys in Kolkata in animated earnest debate, perhaps over a cup of chai collected by the side of a road.

In Mumbai, you can indeed find pockets of the ‘adda’ culture and my partner can often be found hanging out at his ‘office’ aka The Bagel Shop

So often that it is well known which table is ‘his’ and there is even a photo  next to ‘his’ table with a quote from him about the Bagel Shop being his ‘adda’.

2016-01-30 Denzils Adda

Any local hang-out spot near you where you can count on a good conversation?

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  1. I usually hangout at InOrbit Mall in Malad. You can often find me loitering around with my wife. How are you doing? Hope you’re having a great weekend time?

    • Loitering, eh? There are worse things… 🙂

      As for me? All good! Just working on year-end accounts… bleech…

      • Well, I take back the loitering sentence. Complete disaster. I usually hangout and shop with my wife at the mall. Have you ever been to the suburbs? Like Borivali and beyond.

        • Yup! However rarely these days… going beyond Bandra is reserved for ‘special events’ for something unavoidable. 🙂

          • I guess you must be aware of the reputation of Western Railway suburban trains especially those heading to Virar. Many of my folks never visit me because they have to board those super-packed trains. So, most of the times I visit Mumbai.

            • Indeed. 🙂

              Once upon a time that same logic applied for ‘townies’ making it out to Bandra. However with the Sea Link and so much happening in our area, there are rare compromises when the SoBo crowd ‘deign’ to cross into our ‘burb’ turf!!

              However for Virar, Thane… the joke here is they are psychologically so far away you need a ‘visa’ to visit!!! 🙂

            • Yeah true. I remember clearly, as a kid living in Grant Road I used to visit my uncle in Santa Cruz and at that time a trip to Santa Cruz was like a trip from Chile to Vancouver. Bandra for me is a special place because it was the first place I got stranded at 1:30 in the night, but somehow I managed to walk my way home all the way to Grant Road. Worked only twice in Bandra so far.

  2. Karolyn Cooper says:

    To me “adda” means an online forum! Owners and residents of our place in Bangalore used a forum on “apartmentadda.com”. You might hope for “animated earnest debate” as you describe, but mostly what I saw there was complaining!

  3. BerLinda says:

    I have conversations pretty much everywhere 🙂

  4. Sonel says:

    My only ‘adda’ is here on the WordPress blogs. LOL!

    What a lovely photo of your hubby. Seems he is a very good customer and of course a famous one of well. I bet they get lots of customers just to see your or hubby there. 😀

  5. How great that he even has his picture there! Must be also a good “advertising” for the shop to have him there.
    I don’t really have such place to have good conversations. I guess something which is close to that is my friend’s place which I visit every odd month to have some talk with him and other guys over a few drinks…

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