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Night sky in Singapore

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While I am completely happy in our home in Mumbai, we do not have a ‘view’. Our choice of location was motivated purely by practicality – close to the highway to scoot to the airport or other parts and close to my partner’s mother.

On my December trip to Singapore, I stayed one night with a friend in ‘CBD’. We went to see the documentary ‘Naked DJ‘ at the Singapore International Film Festival then returned to this view. It was a most enjoyable evening sitting and chatting on the rather large balcony, with the evening lights our backdrop.

2015-12-02 Singapore Night

I’ve had the privilege of many fabulous views on my stays in various cities. Do you have a favourite?

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  1. BerLinda says:

    At the moment, I enjoy looking out on a peaceful garden where red squirrels chase each other around 🙂 Lovely shot!

  2. Very nice view!!

    We used to have the most amazing sunset view from our sunroom, but now it is mostly blocked by the new house that was recently built on the vacant land behind our house! 😦 😦

  3. I love the view of Victoria Harbour from the hotel I stay in – in HK. But I also like looking out my back doors at my Japanese maple – simple but lovely.

    • Oh I should dig up some of my Victoria Harbour views – had lots from various HK hotels. Quite something, isn’t it?

      However a Japanese maple right outside your back door at home? How lovely! We have a few trees too but those are just a little green between buildings, buildings and more buildings.

  4. We are off to stay in a casita in La Manzanilla, Mexico in a couple of weeks. We’ve stayed there before. One of the reasons for returning is the view – of the tropical garden, the sea, and the sunset sky. There’s a photo of the sunset from our patio in this post:
    though apparently since a recent hurricane the view is even better now.

  5. Mmm… fav views… sunset on New Year’s Eve seeing a rare clear view of Fuji-san from the Tokyo Tower. The nearby mountain rising from rice fields by H’s family home… peaceful! Sunrise and mist over fields in rural Thailand near where we were volunteering… magical… Canmore… the top of the Sulphur Skyline Trail in Jasper…. the distant mtns from my temporary home in Brisbane… cities are great but nature is my pick. What a great question!

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