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Urban Village – I’m not kidding!

There is a delightful contradiction seeing “village” life in the middle of a major metropolis. One of the sister’s from ASK Your Sister was transiting from China to Goa via Mumbai and did a double take:

That guy is walking a goat – it really is a goat not a dog!! Do ya think if I moved back to Nova Scotia I could get a pet goat?? (more…)

Jakarta I miss you!!

As they say “all good things come to an end” and alas my time in Indonesia was cut short as the project took a different direction. I get why and how it happened and have perspective enough to recognize these things just are what they are.

Random Jakarta Mall pic (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

Random Jakarta Mall pic (Photo: Carissa Hickling)

I have zero regrets being involved in the project. It was fabulous working with a great bunch of guys and wish nothing but the best to our client too. We just finished the work remotely on the weekend and… as they say “It’s a wrap!”

The real loss is not being able to explore Indonesia more! During my trips to Jakarta from end July, I kept thinking “next time I’ll be sure to make more time to do XYZ.”

I had even made a commitment that the 3 week November trip would include activities OTHER than work! I had dreams of going “glamping” with a fabulous bunch of gals. I had dinners and various catch ups planned for the December trip. I even had high hopes my partner could join the January trip so we could explore outside of Jakarta together.

It all went puuufffttt! No November trip… no more trips at all… sigh… I’m left with scattered random photos of the few things I did do and…

A brilliant reminder – seize the moment when you can!

So, Jakarta, I do miss you! And would like to come back… I really really do! And next time I promise to take full advantage of the opportunity!!!

In the meantime, I have a few more Indonesia posts to come… yesterday’s “Sidewalk adventures… stumbling to work?” is an example of just how utterly random some of my pics are!

Ever have something cut short before you were ready? (more…)

The Friday Night Phenomenon – TGIF in Jakarta!

What are you doing this Friday night? Is it time to cut loose? Shake a leg? Knock back a martini (or two!)?

In Mumbai, I find the more interesting activities seem to happen during the week so by Friday, a quiet evening at home with my partner is perfection!

In Jakarta, after slogging all week – morning, noon and night! – on client work, by the time Friday comes around, I’m desperate for a little non-work socializing. And have discovered nothing is better than a little “Frivolous Friday Fun” after a busy week.

And because I’m in Mumbai this Friday but missing Jakarta, have decided to revisit a few favourite Friday’s in Jakarta with you…. (more…)

2nd Quarter Summary

Can you believe it? “Every Day Adventures in Asia (Mostly)” is half a year old!?!

Ignorance isn't bliss (Photo taken in Bandra, Bombay)

“Eve Teasing”

It would have been impossible without all the comments and encouragement from fellow WordPress bloggers, folks following through various social media and real life friends who keep surprising me by actually reading and chatting about topics in posts of interest to them.

This quarter, I’ve been thinking about living and working in more than one country. (more…)

Cooooofffeeee! Part 2

Clearly my 1st Starbucks experience in India was utterly sub-par… So why bother with a Part 2?

Well… as is often the case in life… there is more to the story!

1. Bandra Reclamation Starbucks – Part 2

Embroiled in local tussles regarding bribes… ahem licensing issues, apparently the power cut issue is only one symptom. One hopes that whatever lafra (a brilliant Hindi slang word that roughly translates as ‘trouble’) is going on is resolved soon. (more…)

Cooooofffeeee! Part 1

I’m a coffee addict! I’ve also had a wretched time for a week with BOTH of my internet services doing a “Now you see me! Now you don’t!” game, making getting anything accomplished doubly difficult! (Also explains my blog absence too!)

So, I thought, why not check out the new Starbucks that opened down the street?

Bandra Reclamation Starbucks

Bandra Reclamation Starbucks

In Asia, typically there are three things you can count on from Starbucks (or its equivalents):

  1. Reasonably reliable Wi-Fi
  2. Blissful cool from powerful air-conditioning
  3. Drinkable coffee

All desirable things… right? So out I strolled in the sunny 36’c warmth (that 96’F for my American friends).

What did I find? (more…)

Rathod the roach killer

Rathod the roach killer!

Rathod the roach killer!

I’m cool with chipkalis (geckos/lizards) and can even live with a spider or two but I absolutely detest cockroaches. I’ve been known to squeal like a little girl and leap up on chairs, beds, anything!

Which is why I’m a huge fan of pest control and get it done regularly in our home. Which generally works… except… for some strange reason when my partner rehearses his role as “Rathod the roach killer.” Magically they appear to torment me. Then when the performance is done, they scurry back to whatever dank dark hole they emerged (I don’t want to know!) (more…)

Confession time…

I admit, I’m out of practice and outta shape with the whole work-life balance thing. Not only has getting to the gym suffered completely in the last few months but, I must confess, I’m a recovering workaholic who has completely fallen “off the wagon” and slipped back into bad patterns with the Jakarta project.

As Lady of the Cakes succinctly diagnosed my condition “Bad case of projectitis!” and very aptly prescribed “3 hours of blogging faffery!”

And I couldn’t agree more!

Which is what made my trip to Bangalore such a delightful break from intense non-stop work. I’ll confess, I still did a couple of hours both days, but in a relaxed detached manner. This morning my emails were made from the guest house terrace while leisurely sipping my 2nd morning espresso, listening to the birds chirping, enjoying blue skies and a balmy breeze with feet propped on a stool.



Bonus time in Bombay – Jakarta I’ll be back again soon!

Today I was supposed to be in transit to Jakarta… but I’m instead waking up in Bombay. What happened? Did I miss my flight? Was there some major life tragedy that derailed everything? Nope! Just a simple delay in the launch date for the project which means more time home rather than away. (more…)

Happy Independence Day India + Indonesia!!

Today my adopted home India celebrates its Independence Day. On Saturday I fly home from Indonesia – as it celebrates its Independence Day.

While the boundaries of the nation-state seem out-dated in this remarkably connected world we live in… Pride in who we are, where we come from, a sense of community and belonging can be a good thing.

So here’s a cheer to India & Indonesia – may you have much to celebrate on these  days with more to come!

— From a global citizen privileged to enjoy both India & Indonesia!

indonesian Independence Day PHOTO

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