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Bombay Brun Maska Mmmmm…

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The thing about going for meetings in a place like Mumbai is traffic timings can be tremendously unpredictable.

  • One day – only 40 mins to reach
  • The next day – similar place, it takes double!

To be on the safe side, you generally double the time it normally takes… or at a add an extra half hour.

Which can mean arriving at your destination crazy early.

For me, that provides a fabulous chance to explore for a few minutes… like pop into a local Irani restaurant for fresh brun (crusty bun), smothered in maska (butter) and dip it into hot sweet Irani chai.

Sigh… there really is nothing that compares!

Brun maska

Brun maska

How to resist fresh baked loaves like these?

How can you resist?

Where we stumbled in to while away the time til our meeting began… a local institution Yazdani Bakery that has been around for 65 years.

Yazdani Bakery in Fort, Mumbai

Yazdani Bakery in Fort, Mumbai

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  1. Death by carbs… COUNT ME IN 🙂

  2. Great post. I’m not promoting myself but do read my take on Irani bakeries and these small stores. The past, present and future of Irani bakeries.

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